Is this the worst duckface ever? Ohio woman puckers up for outrageous viral mugshot

By Every day Mail Correspondent
Published: 22:17 BST, 14 July 2014 | Updated: 01:47 BST, 21 July 2014
An Ohio woman’s run in with the law likely would’ve remained in Ohio in the event that as it were she’d stood up to the encourage to make the crazy confront shown in her mug shot which is presently going viral.
According to a post on the Wickliffe Police Division Facebook page, Angela Green, 34, was captured after rejecting to clear out her lodging room at the Quality Motel Saturday. 
Shortly after noon, the hotel’s administration called police asking offer assistance in getting Green what’s more, male sidekick Brian Baker, of Cleveland to clear out room 253. 

‘The officer clarified that they required to clear out or, then again lease the room for another day what’s more, the female moved toward becoming uproarious what’s more, uncooperative.’ the post noted. 
‘As the couple was being escorted from the building it was found that she had given invented information,’ the post continued. ‘Once outside, the female proceeded to move toward becoming noisy what’s more, uncooperative what’s more, declined to recognize herself. After a brief battle the female was captured what’s more, transported to the WPD.’

Green, of Cleveland, was at that point charged with discouraging official business.

For reasons known as it were to her, Green chosen to puff up her lips what’s more, display a mugshot it shows up she was captured for impersonating a blowfish.

The post has since gotten 199 likes what’s more, 150 remarks as of the time of this writing, as well as showing up on a few blogs what’s more, news sites.

‘Is that what they utilized to call a come-hither look?’ kidded Facebook client Tom Klaber.
‘Duck Confront x10,’ kidded blurb Amanda Sojka. 
She was at long last discharged on $354 money bond what’s more, her new on the web celebrity.

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