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Published: 22:43 BST, 7 June 2013 | Updated: 04:39 BST, 8 June 2013
Scene: Mefit Zecevic, a janitor at the Goldman Sachs building, was constrained to walk home after Sandy
A previous janitor who made a difference secure the Goldman Sachs building in Manhattan ahead of Sea tempest Sandy has guaranteed he was let go what’s more, constrained to swim home through water in the outcome of the savage storm.
Mefit Zecevic, 42, said he has been cleared out with post horrendous push clutter after a smashed supervisor wrongly let go him for taking from a associate what’s more, made him walk 13 hours to get home to Staten Island.
He is presently suing the support firm, ABM Industries., Inc, for $10 million, denouncing them of wrongfully terminating him what’s more, disregarding his supplications to remain in the building or, on the other hand get offer assistance heading home.
Mr Zecevic, who worked for the organization for 12 years, is presently battling to get his work back as he battles to get his life back on track after the petrifying ordeal.
‘They crushed my life, what they did to me,’ he told the New York Every day News . ‘I worked day what’s more, night. They crushed my life for nothing. Nothing.’
On October 28, the day some time recently the storm dashed through New York City, Zecevic made a difference stack sandbags at the building what’s more, move hardware to higher floors, DNAinfo reported.
He what’s more, his associates rested in the building for the next two evenings as the streets had been close what’s more, it was as well unsafe to wander outside, he said.
But agreeing to the lawsuit, on the morning of October 30, his supervisor had move toward becoming tanked on liquor he’d found at a eatery in the building what’s more, told him to gather a co-worker’s shirt.
Danger: A overwhelmed road is seen on October 29, 2012, in the Budgetary Locale of New York. Zecevic said he had to swim through waist-high water for hours to get home to Staten Island
At 9.40pm, Zecevic was still working at the point when his manager drawn closer him what’s more, told him he had been fired, without giving a reason. At the point when Zecevic inquired to remain at the building, the manager said he could not.
The claim notes that the manager noticed emphatically of alcohol.
‘I said, “I live in Staten Island, there’s a state of emergency, there are no cars, no trains, no lights”,’ he said. ‘I was asking for my life. Yet he said, “Leave the building”.’
Zecevic started the walk home, yet was picked up by a police officer who returned him to the office what’s more, reprimanded the manager for his unsafe decision. At the point when he left, the manager sent Zecevic away again.
He started the walk through the waist-high waters, dreading he could be harmed or, then again slaughtered by brought down electrical lines, building work or, on the other hand malady from the sewage.
‘It was dull what’s more, cold,’ he told the Day by day News. ‘I could see the red crisis lights on the bridge. There was no one around. I was scared.’
Fears: He said he proceeds to endure from post horrendous push clutter what’s more, bad dreams that he will drown
After in the end crossing the Brooklyn Bridge, he headed south to the Verrazano Bridge, where a police auto escorted him across. He strolled the four miles to his home, shuddering what’s more, in pain.
Following the ordeal, he has endured with PTSD what’s more, considered suicide, concurring to the lawsuit.

Zecevic afterward learned that he had been let go for taking $100 from his colleague’s shirt. He denied this what’s more, the Office of Work ruled that Zecevic did not confer any misconduct.
‘I have been rehearsing law for over 25 years, what’s more, thought I had seen it all in terms of abuse from employers,’ Zecevic’s lawyer, William Perniciaro, composed to ABM. ‘However, your organization has the questionable qualification of the most exceedingly awful manhandle of human respect that I have ever witnessed.’
ABM did not react to a ask for comment.

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