Drug-fuelled thugs branded two men with hot knives while filming the attack on mobile phones

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Updated: 13:02 BST, 12 Eminent 2011
When the proprietors of a sweet shop taken note that cash had been going missing from their till overnight, they chosen to set a trap for the thief.
In a conspire named Operation Rhubarb what’s more, Custard, Jane what’s more, Neil Hutton stowed away cameras among the sweet jars, dressed head to toe in dark what’s more, lay in wait.

To include to the culprit’s discomfort, Mr Hutton, 47, what’s more, Mrs Hutton, 46, indeed put a assortment of ‘booby traps’ around the Bee sanctuary Treats shop in Marlow, Buckinghamshire.

Detectives: Neil what’s more, Jane Hutton gotten an worker taking from the till at their sweet shop after setting cameras among the jars
They said the cheat – their 20-year-old representative Oliver Longstaff – got the ‘shock of a lifetime’ at the point when they seized him in the act.

Mr Hutton said: ‘At each arrange there were little traps, things that would tell us precisely where he was what’s more, what he was doing.

‘First the Victorian shop ringer rang as somebody came in what’s more, at that point there was the sound of the Windowlene bottle being thumped over by the to start with till.

Caught out: Oliver Longstaff was taking the cash from the till to offer assistance pay off a betting obligation following a visit from a obligation collector
‘Next came the stirring of somebody battling through full receptacle sacks in the dull what’s more, then, what’s more, this was not in the plan, the sounds of the loo being utilized what’s more, flushed.

‘We had to frantically stop ourselves from laughing. Next he stumbled over the jars of cream pop set to divert him as he drawn closer our stowing away place.’

When yearning on-screen character Longstaff at that point crawled out of the storeroom, the Huttons jumped out from their stowing away put what’s more, bolted the entryway until police arrived to capture him.

Wycombe Magistrates’ Court heard that previous linguistic use school student Longstaff was taking to pay off betting obligations which had spiraled out of control.

He owed £545 what’s more, been gone to by obligation collectors. His specialist Stephen Toghill said: ‘Basically he needed to attempt what’s more, get a few cash rapidly what’s more, he saw an  simple option.’

Longstaff, of Marlow, who is due to go to dramatization school next month, had proposed to re-gamble the money to pay off the obligation – yet lost it once more betting.

Mr Toghill said that Longstaff’s guardians had paid off his obligation what’s more, had rebuffed him by restricting him from a family holiday, pulling back the offer of a new auto what’s more, establishing him. Longstaff, who argued blameworthy to burglary, was given a 12-month supervision arrange which includes him looking for treatment for his ‘gambling problem’.

He was too requested to do 40 hours’ unpaid work, pay £85 court costs what’s more, pay £158 to Bee sanctuary Treats – the sum of cash he stole that night.

Outside court, Longstaff said it had been a ‘really extreme time’ for him yet he trusted he could put it behind him what’s more, ‘appear on screen one day’.
‘Operation Rhubarb what’s more, Custard’: The couple too set ‘booby traps’ counting rubbish-filled container bags, bottles of cleaning items what’s more, jars of cream pop at the shop in Marlow, Bucks

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