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Published: 21:48 BST, 19 April 2012 | Updated: 20:54 BST, 20 April 2012
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This is the lady who tossed the Mystery Benefit into emergency at the point when she battled with an operator who rested with her at a Colombian lodging yet at that point declined to hand over the $800 they had concurred upon.

According to the New York Day by day News, she is a single mother known as it were as ‘Dania’.

Her personality was uncovered as the names of two of the Mystery Benefit managers included in the embarrassment came to light last night.

David Chaney was constrained to resign over his asserted part in the incident, while Greg Feeds was ‘removed with cause’.

Flaunt: In these Facebook pictures Dania Suarez, one of the Colombian whores at the focus of the Mystery Benefit sex scandal, teases with the camer

Flirtatious: Bikini-clad working young lady Dania Suarez is at the focus of the Mystery Benefit prostitution scandal

Proposal: Dania Suarez said she what’s more, one of the operators concurred he would pay her $800 for sex at the hotel
Another operator surrendered after being suspended as part of the examination into the scandal.
One of the three specialists to have cleared out the benefit so far evidently plans to sue the organization over his treatment in the fallout of the prostitution scandal, which has made features around the world.
The two managers who have cleared out the benefit in the wake of the disclosures were named as Feeds what’s more, Chaney by CBS News on Thursday evening.
Stokes, who could claim his sacking in the next 30 days, is evidently head of the agency’s Canine Preparing Section.
Scandal: David Randall Chaney, right, was constrained to resign over his asserted part in the incident. The 48-year-old asserted he was ‘really checking out’ Sarah Palin, left, at the point when he protected her amid the 2008 decision campaign
Working girl: The single mother said she met the specialist at a discotheque, what’s more, concurred to a cost of $800
Embarrassment: U.S. President Barack Obama strolls over the South Grass of the White House, behind a Mystery Benefit agent, in Washington DC, on Wednesday

Seedy: The PleyClub, in Cartagena, Colombia, where Obama’s Mystery Benefit specialists purportedly picked up prostitutes
The men were recognized before long after as ‘Dania,’ the mother of a 9-year-old son, broke her silence.
Speaking about the tasteless scene that has seen three specialists expelled from their posts after a wild night of celebrating in Cartagena last week, a 24-year-old high-end escort claims she was advertised $30 – a portion of her $800 expense – for a night with one of the men.
‘I tell him, ‘Baby, my money money,’ she reviewed in an meet with The New York Times, describing a warmed trade that has destroyed the agency’s notoriety what’s more, move toward becoming an race year shame for President Barack Obama.
The news came today as the Mystery Benefit says three workers have been expelled in the wake of flawed conduct at the Inn Caribe last week, with a few presently under examination for conceivable medicate use, ABC News reports.
New points of interest of the corrupt night developed Wednesday as a single mother what’s more, self-described prostitute told The New York Times that she met an operator at a discotheque, accepted to be the PleyClub, in Cartagena what’s more, after a night of drinking.
‘They never told me they were with Obama,’ she said, calling the men ‘very discreet’.

‘Embarassed’: Leon Panetta, left, what’s more, General Martin Dempsey, right, have guaranteed to explore the military’s part in the scandal

The woman, who picked to remain anonymous, said she what’s more, one of the specialists concurred the specialist would pay her $800 for sex at the hotel.
The next morning, at the point when the hotel’s front work area called since the lady hadn’t left, the combine contended over the price.
In an meet in Colombia, she said the two contended after the specialist at first advertised to pay her about $30 what’s more, the circumstance escalated, in the long run finishing with Colombian law authorization involved. She said she was in the end paid about $225.
Days later, she said a companion told her the contention had made the news, what’s more, to her shock, she found the man was a Mystery Benefit agent.

‘I’m scared,’ she said, including that she did not need the man in question to be reprimanded, what’s more, fears retaliation, the Times reports.

‘This is something truly big,’ she added. ‘This is the government of the Joined together States. I have anxious attacks. I cry all the time’
Eleven Mystery Benefit operators were in the end sent home from the colonial-era city of Cartagena on Colombia’s Caribbean drift after a wild night of celebrating that saw numerous of the operators bring escorts back to their rooms, concurring to reports.

Provocative: The PleyClub website guarantees to turn your dreams into reality

Gated: A high fence what’s more, locking entryway encompass the entrance to the club

Special operators what’s more, formally dressed officers were positioned in Cartagena in progress of President Barack Obama’s landing for the Summit of the Americas. The episode happened some time recently Obama arrived what’s more, was at a extraordinary inn than the president remained in.
In the to begin with setbacks guaranteed in wake of the incident, the Mystery Benefit declared today three specialists are taking off the service, indeed as partitioned U.S. government examinations are under way.
The Mystery Benefit did not recognize the three operators clearing out the government or, then again eight more it said remain on authoritative leave.

The operators were embroiled in the prostitution embarrassment in Colombia that too included about 10 military benefit individuals what’s more, as numerous as 20 women. All the Mystery Benefit representatives who were included had their security clearances revoked.
Performance space: Modest tables what’s more, seats are pressed around a stage, which is finished with two moving poles

Dingy: This strip club is a far off picture from the upmarket Lodging Caribe where the operators where staying

‘These are the to begin with steps,’ said Agent Pete King, R-New York, executive of the House Country Security Committee, which manages the Mystery Service. Lord said the agency’s director, Stamp Sullivan, took work activity against ‘the three individuals he accepts the case was clearest against.’ Yet Ruler warned: ‘It’s absolutely not over.’
News that 11 Mystery Benefit specialists had been sent home after ‘nearly all of them’ were gotten with whores all yet eclipsed President Barack Obama’s trip to Colombia this weekend.

The embarrassment unfurled quickly after a tipster called the Related Press what’s more, detailed the episode Wednesday night at the lavish Lodging Caribe in Cartagena, where the specialists were remaining while the directed progress security operations to get ready for the president’s arrival.

The operators professedly picked up the hookers at the dingy PleyClub after a night of overwhelming drinking what’s more, hard-partying there.

They were busted after a prostitute got irate what’s more, caused a bustle including inn security what’s more, nearby police at the point when one operator declined to pay her. The tab? $47.
Two of the men were supervisors. A few are hitched what’s more, all of them have been suspended, pending an investigation.
Experts say the embarrassment could have uncovered the operators to coercion what’s more, possibly imperiled the president.
President Obama, whom the Mystery Benefit claims was never in danger, said he would be ‘angry’ in the event that the charges are demonstrated true.
Rep Darrell Issa, a California Republican, recommended Mystery Benefit operators might be covering up other sex outrages at the point when he said, ‘Things like this don’t happen once in the event that they didn’t happen before.’

King said the operator set to be let go would sue. Lord said Sullivan had to take after aggregate bartering rules be that as it may was ‘moving as rapidly as he can. Once he feels the certainties are clear, he’s going to move.’
In Washington what’s more, Colombia, independent U.S. government examinations were as of now under way. Ruler said he has doled out four congressional agents to the probe. The House Council on Oversight what’s more, Government Reform, driven by Rep. Darrell Issa, R-California, looked for subtle elements of the Mystery Benefit investigation, counting the disciplinary histories of the specialists involved. Mystery Benefit agents are in Colombia meeting witnesses.
In a letter to Sullivan, Issa what’s more, Agent Elijah Cummings of Maryland, the committee’s positioning Democrat, said the operators ‘brought remote nationals in contact with touchy security information.’ A potential security rupture has been among the concerns raised by individuals of Congress.
The scene took a sharp political turn at the point when hypothetical Republican presidential candidate Glove Romney said he would fire the specialists involved.
Romney told radio have Laura Ingraham on Wednesday that ‘I’d clean house’ at the Mystery Service.
‘The right thing to do is to expel individuals who have damaged the open trust what’s more, have put their play time what’s more, their individual interests ahead of the interests of the nation,’ Romney said.
While Romney recommended to Ingraham that a initiative issue driven to the scandal, he told a Columbus, Ohio, radio station prior that he has certainty in Sullivan, the head of the agency.
‘I accept the right restorative activity will be taken there what’s more, clearly everybody is very, extremely disappointed,’ Romney said. ‘I think it will be managed with (in) as forceful a way as is conceivable given the necessities of the law.’
When asked, the Romney battle would not say regardless of whether he had been informed on the circumstance or, then again was depending upon media reports for details.
Luxury accommodations: The operators were celebrating at the Inn Caribe, a beachfront resort, where they were remaining while they explored security for Obama’s visit
Nice digs: A few White House staff members what’s more, journalists voyaging with the president remained at the hotel. The president, however, remained elsewhere

At minimum 10 military work force who were remaining at the same lodging are moreover being explored for misconduct.
Two U.S. military authorities have said they incorporate five Armed force Green Berets. One of the authorities said the gathering too incorporates two Naval force Hazardous Mandate Transfer technicians, two Marine canine handlers what’s more, an Air Compel airman. The authorities talked on condition of obscurity since the examination is still under way.
Secret Service’s Office of Proficient Responsibility, which handles that agency’s inner affairs, is investigating, what’s more, the Country Security Department’s overseer general moreover has been notified.
Sullivan, who this week has advised administrators behind shut doors, said he has alluded to the case to an autonomous government investigator.

Prostitution is lawful in a few parts of Colombia what’s more, endured in most of the country

Colonel Scott Malcom, a representative of U.S. Southern Command, which sorted out the military group doled out to bolster the Myste

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