Renowned child therapist who appeared on Dr. Phil is arrested on CHILD ABUSE charges after leaving step-daughter, 11, home alone amid furious row with her husband

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Published: 22:09 BST, 5 September 2013 | Updated: 23:06 BST, 5 September 2013
A semitrailer conveying 45 tons of sand has smoothed a car, thumped down control lines what’s more, crushed into a house after the driver lost control of the vehicle what’s more, its brakes failed.
The for the most part calm road close 400 North what’s more, 1000 East in Bountiful, Utah was the scene of a destruction on Thursday morning after the truck rolled back into the house at 7.45am.
Homeowner Charge Bymaster was in amazingly high spirits as he portrayed the crash – what’s more, uncovered that he had as it were sold the pounded red Mazda to new proprietors yesterday.
He was working on his PC at the point when he heard the huge crash, he told KSL.
Crash site: A monstrous semitrailer came to a stop inside a house on Thursday morning after rolling down a hill

Destroyed: The truck altogether straightened a red Mazda which was sold recently what’s more, anticipating its new owners

‘Then it flashed, what’s more, at that point a huge blast at the point when the transformers blew,’ Bymaster said.
The truck, which was conveying sand to a adjacent golf course, was driving up a slope at the point when the driver attempted to move gears yet lost control of the vehicle as it impeded on the soak incline.

Bymaster included that he has known of drivers losing control on the soak extend of street in the past – yet for the most part in winter.
Police Sgt. Andrew Bryson explained: ‘[The driver] wasn’t capable to get the truck into gear, felt that he had lost his differential what’s more, begun to roll backwards.
Wreckage: The trailer too destroyed the home’s carport be that as it may the house itself was not affected

Lodged: The driver had attempted to change gears while going tough yet it started rolling back towards the house

‘He endeavored to apply the brakes, the brakes fizzled what’s more, rolled in reverse into the home.’

It rolled about half a block, over a stopped auto what’s more, into the house – yet gratefully came to a stop in the garage, meaning that the fundamental structure was not damaged.
It too halted half a piece some time recently a school crossing. Fortunately no one was hurt in the crash.

Bymaster said at to start with he what’s more, his spouse thought the monster crash was a bomb yet at that point ‘I came out what’s more, there was a group of smoke what’s more, this truck sitting on top of the car,’ he said.
Smiling, he added: ‘We got a remote trade understudy yesterday. He’s in the cellar what’s more, he’s likely prepared to move back home.’

Staying positive: Mortgage holder Charge Bymaster heard the crash from inside his home yet there were no injuries

Collision: He said his spouse thought something had fallen from the sky at the point when they heard the crash

Stuck: The driver had all the fitting grants what’s more, specialists are not going to refer to him

There were control blackouts in the region after the control lines were brought what’s more, teams shut close-by streets as they settled them.
The truck driver, who has not been identified, had appropriate grants for conveying the stack what’s more, specialists said they did not design to refer to him yet an examination is ongoing.

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