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Updated: 17:17 BST, 21 January 2011

An American adolescent has been rejoined with his family after being held in Kuwait for a month since he was purportedly put on the U.S. government’s no-fly list.
Gulet Mohamed, 19, who claims he was beaten what’s more, tormented in the Bay state, was welcomed family individuals at a terminal of Washington DC’s Dulles Global Airport.
The Muslim, of Alexandria, Virginia, said it felt incredible to be back in the U.S. what’s more, communicated concern for others who may be in the same circumstance he was in.
Relief: Gulet Mohamed, 19, embraces his sibling Fatah after arriving at Washington’s Dulles Global Airplane terminal today following his month being held in Kuwait
‘There are likely individuals out there being tormented like I was, whose voices are not being heard,’ he said.
Mohamed claims he was beaten what’s more, tormented while confined by Kuwaiti specialists at the command of the U.S.
His return home was deferred for weeks since American authorities had evidently put him on the no-fly list, which the Equity Division declined to confirm.
He moreover had to hold up today to get despite the fact that the fringe today after the FBI attempted to question him without his legal counselor present.
But, in spite of the delay, Mr Mohamed’s family were assuaged their anguish might at long last end.
Joy: Mr Mohamed, centre, shafts with amuse as he is encompassed by his family
Concern: Nihad Awad, with CAIR, the Board on American-Islamic Relations, left, what’s more, Mr Mohamed’s cousins Hani Mohamed, hold up for him to at long last arrive
His mother Bella Ali embraced her child what’s more, said thanks to God what’s more, everybody who had taken up her son’s cause.
His brother, Fatah Mohamed, too said thanks to God what’s more, said his sibling ‘was just attempting to get nearer to his religion.’
‘You’re not going to find anyone who will say anything terrible about Gulet,’ he said.
He included that the greatest concern of his family amid his brother’s trial was that ‘we knew he was in the hands of individuals who need standards what’s more, morals.’
Questions: Mr Mohamed’s sibling Fatah what’s more, mother outside the government courthouse close their home in Alexandria, Virginia, on Tuesday
Mohamed’s get-together with his family was postponed by addressing from experts at traditions after he landed Friday morning.
A U.S. Traditions what’s more, Fringe Security representative said legal advisors are not routinely conceded get to to clients, what’s more, depicted Mohamed as uncooperative.

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