Romney STILL beats out other Republicans in N.H. primary poll even though he’s explicitly said he’s not running (Chris Christie and Rand Paul tied for first when Mitt’s name was left out)

By Francesca Chambers for MailOnline
Published: 22:44 BST, 24 November 2014 | Updated: 23:12 BST, 24 November 2014
Mitt Romney is still blowing away the rivalry in early presidential essential state of New Hampshire in spite of telling anybody who will tune in that he’s not running for president again. 
‘I’m not running, I’m not arranging on running what’s more, I anticipate to be supporting one of the numerous individuals who I think are looking at this race,’ the 2012 GOP presidential candidate said last month amid a battle stop in Louisville, Kentucky, for Senate Minority Pioneer Mitch McConnell.
Republicans in the Rock State are still trusting he’ll change his mind, however, saying in a survey discharged today they’d lean toward him by twofold digits to any other conceivable 2016 presidential candidates.

The Bloomberg Legislative issues study directed in conjunction Holy person Anselm school found that in the event that Romney did choose to run he would win the To start with in the Country State’s presidential essential with 30 per penny of the vote.
By comparison, the next nearest contender, Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul, would get just 11 per penny of the vote.
With Romney out of the race, Paul’s possibilities of taking the state move forward somewhat to 16 per cent, putting him in a first-place tie with New Pullover Gov. Chris Christie.
Former Florida Gov. Jeb Shrubbery tails them nearly at 14 per cent, while the six other Republicans tried as it were drew single-digit support.
In arrange of fame they were: resigned neurosurgeon Ben Carson, Fox News have Mike Huckabee, House Financial plan Advisory group Executive Paul Ryan, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz what’s more, active governors Bobby Jindal of Louisiana what’s more, Rick Perry of Texas.
On the Popularity based side, previous Secretary of State Hillary Clinton too driven her potential adversaries by a noteworthy margin, winning 62 per penny of voters’ support. 
Progressive symbol what’s more, Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren pulled in just 13 per penny of New Hampshire Democrats’ support, coming in second behind Clinton.
Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, who is actually an Independent, Bad habit President Joe Biden, Massachusetts Sen. Deval Patrick what’s more, active Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley all fizzled to split 10 per cent. 
The comes about copy a June WMUR/Granite State Poll that found that Romney would conveniently crush 13 other GOP government officials who are considering presidential runs.  
If he were to get into the race, the overview appeared he would lead Christie what’s more, what’s more, Paul by a 39-7 margin. 
‘Look, I’m not astounded that Romney is still well-liked in Cut Hampshire,’ a GOP battle advisor told MailOnline on the web at the time. ‘He was representative right next door, what’s more, as President Obama moves toward becoming more what’s more, more disliked there’s a sense of buyer’s remorse.’
‘But ultimately, he’s just going to suck the oxygen out of the room what’s more, that’s not as well accommodating to the individuals who are as a matter of fact going to run in 2016.’
Without Romney, in the race that survey showed Christie driving the pack with 19 per cent, Paul at 14 per penny what’s more, Bramble with 11 per cent.
Florida Gov. Marco Rubio what’s more, Huckabee tied at 8 per cent, with Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, Jindal what’s more, Ryan at the base of the totem pole.   

In the June New Hampshire survey Democrats too picked Clinton as their candidate, yet her numbers are not as high as the once were presently that intrigue in Warren – who has said she is not intrigued – is increasing.
In January a walloping 74 per penny of Democrats surveyed in New Hampshire said they arranged to vote for her. By June that number what’s more, diminished to 59 per cent, with Bad habit President Joe Biden coming in a removed second at 14 per cent, taken after by Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren with 8 per cent.
Bringing up the raise were Sanders (5 per cent), New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo  (3 per cent), what’s more, Virginia Sen. Check Warner of Virginia (1 per cent).

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