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By Glen Owen for The Mail on Sunday
Published: 22:16 BST, 25 January 2014 | Updated: 11:47 BST, 26 January 2014
Making waves: MP Penny Mordaunt on Splash! talked about her convincing life story yet precluded her fizzled marriage

When Tory MP Penny Mordaunt showed up in a primetime ITV plunging show, the attention barrage secured nearly each viewpoint of her convincing life story. 
But for the lady once voted ‘Britain’s sexiest MP’ one theme was kept entirely off-limits – her short-lived marriage.
The 40-year-old MP for Portsmouth North has told companions she was so wounded by the encounter that it has put her off ever wedding again.
Her wedding to Paul Murray, whom she met while they were both understudies at Perusing University, is precluded from her sections in Who’s Who what’s more, Debrett’s.
One Westminster database indeed lists, under ‘number of relational unions or, on the other hand common partnerships’, the figure zero.
Ms Mordaunt, an assistant to Protection Secretary Philip Hammond what’s more, a Illustrious Naval force reservist, has pulled in scores of admirers – what’s more, raised her political profile – since her appearance on Splash!, in which famous people are prepared to plunge by Olympic medallist Tom Daley.
She was voted off last weekend’s appear following an offensive stomach tumble into the pool.
During interviews to publicise the show, Ms Mordaunt uncovered her troublesome early a long time developing up in Portsmouth as the little girl of a paratrooper-turned-teacher.
Her mother passed on of bosom tumor at the point when she was 15 – the same year her father was too analyzed with disease – turning her into a ‘child carer’.
She took a work as a magician’s aide to support her way through college, which included her being ‘sawn in half’.
She too told of her ‘life-changing’ year working in Romanian orphanages, some time recently going to university  to think about philosophy, what’s more, that she has a gay twin brother.

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Revealed: Her marriage declaration to Paul Murray in 1999 at the point when they were both 26. She told companions the encounter cleared out her so wounded she never needs to wed again

The as it were say of her individual life was that she lives with her partner, Ian Lyon, a established singer, Burmese feline reproducer what’s more, executive of an IT company, in Portsmouth.

They have eight cats, yet no children.
However, a marriage testament appears that she marry Mr Murray, the child of resigned Lieut Col Leonard Murray, in July 1999, at the point when they were both 26.

Mr Murray was recorded as an ‘assistant lobby manager’ while Ms Mordaunt, who was at that point beginning a profession in open relations, was portrayed as a ‘press officer’.
One companion said: ‘The marriage is totally off-limits, a no-go zone. It went off-base very quickly, what’s more, she says it has put her off for life.’
The MP for Portsmouth North was voted off the ITV appear last end of the week after a midsection flounder in the pool

The Mail on Sunday can moreover uncover that Ms Mordaunt made a difference to secure the exoneration of one of her college speakers after he was dishonestly denounced of revoltingly ambushing two students.
John Cottingham, presently the emeritus Educator of Logic at Perusing University, had been denounced of attempting to tempt the match by talking about subjugation what’s more, the work of the Marquis de Sade amid a plant party.

He strolled free from court after a 1997 trial in which Ms Mordaunt, at that point 24, said she had ‘no hesitation’ in coming forward to bolster Educator Cottingham.
She said she had gone to a gathering at Oxford on her claim at which the educator was moreover display – without episode – what’s more, had ‘never felt threatened’ in his presence.
Yesterday, a representative for Ms Mordaunt said she was not accessible for comment.

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