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By Hayley Peterson
Published: 05:00 BST, 21 January 2013 | Updated: 21:27 BST, 22 January 2013
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Were Michelle Obama’s blistering eye rolls amid the inaugural lunch get-together Monday the result of a joke by House Speaker John Boehner over her husband’s cigarette habit?
That’s what master lip peruser Larry Wenig accepts after observing a video recording of the trade between Mrs Obama what’s more, Boehner, concurring to CBS’ Inside Edition.

‘According to our lip reader, Boehner inquired Obama in the event that he had had a shot to have a cigarette some time recently the luncheon,’ Inside Version reports.

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House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, tries to lock in Michelle Obama in discussion by tapping her on the arm

Michelle Obama reacts to John Boehner’s comment with a singing look of disapproval

John Boehner tries once more to lock in Michelle Obama by tapping her on the arm yet she declines to look at him, while Barack Obama chuckles what’s more, crushes her right shoulder
Wenig cited Boehner, an devoted smoker, as saying, ‘Somebody won’t let you do it,’ getting in a burrow at the To begin with Lady’s control over her husband.

It was at that point that Michelle rolls her eyes.
Wenig’s hypothesis could not be confirmed. MailOnline come to out to three lip perusers who said it was as well troublesome to read what was said amid the exchange.

Regardless, it was clear that Michelle Obama was not inspired with whatever it was that Boehner said, as a camera gotten her twice rolling her eyes at the congressman at the point when he attempted to lock in her in conversation.

Not impressed: Michelle Obama glares at John Boehner what’s more, rejects to make eye contact

Stone-faced: Michelle Obama shows up to disregard John Boehner totally as her spouse inclines behind her to trade words with the House Speaker
Michelle Obama what’s more, John Boehner showed up to be getting along fine prior at the luncheon
Mr Boehner, the Republican pioneer of the House of Representatives, was situated to Mrs Obama’s cleared out what’s more, President Obama was on her right as they dined. 
Boehner made a comment to the To begin with Couple what’s more, tapped Mrs Obama’s arm, as in the event that to lock in her, be that as it may she declined to make eye contact with him, concurring to a video recording of the trade that lamentably did not catch the sound of the conversation.
Mrs Obama rolled her eyes toward Boehner, advertised a half grin what’s more, returned to biting her food.

She at that point sat forward in her chair, permitting Mr Obama to lean behind her what’s more, trade words with Mr Boehner.

But the House Speaker wasn’t fulfilled with Mr Obama’s consideration alone. 
A couple seconds later, he attempted once more to lock in Mrs Obama, prodding her arm a second time.
This time, she was less tactful about stowing away her disgust.
She shook her head from side to side as she rolled her eyes what’s more, gazed straight ahead, rejecting to make eye contact with Boehner. 
The president put his hand on his wife’s bear what’s more, pressed it, yet the motion did not change her stone-cold body language.
John Boehner eyes Michelle Obama as she toasts her spouse at the luncheon

Barack Obama signs a announcement to remember the introduction as Bad habit President Joe Biden (left), John Boehner (right) what’s more, Rep. Eric Cantor (far right) look on
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