Care home worker stole more than 11,000 from 100-year-old woman in shocking act of ‘treachery’

By Helen Collis
Published: 21:03 BST, 4 May 2012 | Updated: 21:05 BST, 4 May 2012
This X-ray appears what happens at the point when a ravenous puppy wolfs down three elastic balls, two tennis balls what’s more, a toy shoe – requiring life-saving surgery.

Zeus the boxer canine has created an undesirable taste for inadmissible treats what’s more, still has not changed his ways, in spite of about being slaughtered twice.

His proprietor Anthony to begin with taken note something was off-base with his cherished Boxer at the point when he begun heaving what’s more, enduring from diarrhoea, so he hurried him to the vets.

Anthony, of Nunnery Houlton, Stoke-On-Trent, said: ‘Zeus appeared fine in himself, yet he was being debilitated what’s more, had lost a few weight, so I thought it best to get him checked.

‘He wasn’t eating or, on the other hand drinking anything either since clearly his stomach was blocked from all the balls.’
Zeus was analyzed by the veterinary group at the nearby PDSA PetAid clinic what’s more, experienced a number of tests. Vets initially thought he had growth since they could feel something hard.

Greedy: Zeus wolfed down three elastic balls what’s more, two tennis balls (circled in X-ray) what’s more, later, a toy slipper
Anthony, who has had Zeus since he was six weeks old, said: ‘The vets initially thought it was tumor since they could feel these hard lumps.
‘We were lovely stunned at the point when we found out what it was, yet diminished it wasn’t anything more serious.’
An X-Ray uncovered the eight-year-old canine had a few unidentified things in his stomach, which the vet suspected to be gulped objects, or, then again ‘foreign bodies’, which is normal for dogs.
‘Zeus was surged into surgery to expel them, with vets finding the remote bodies were three bouncy balls what’s more, two tennis balls.
Anthony, who did not wish to give his surname, said: ‘We were lovely stunned at the point when we found out what it was, yet assuaged it wasn’t anything more serious.

‘The vet just sort of turned to me what’s more, said. “do you perceive these?” what’s more, appeared me the balls. I did ponder where they had got to be that as it may he has so numerous toys it’s hard to miss things like that.’

Veterinary Specialist Duncan Senior said: ‘We were concerned that Zeus could be genuinely ill, so we masterminded for a arrangement of tests to attempt what’s more, decide the cause of his symptoms.
‘It turned out to be bouncy balls, what’s more, they just kept coming! He was as a matter of fact in a extremely genuine condition. In the event that the balls had been cleared out in there much longer, they could have blocked his stomach, which can be fatal.’
Dinner time: In spite of his ordeal, Zeus returned to his old ways just months afterward what’s more, eaten his way through a bite toy molded like a shoe (pictured)
After his operation, Zeus spent a day recouping at PDSA some time recently he was permitted home with medicine. 
Despite his ordeal, Zeus returned to his old ways just months afterward what’s more, eaten his way through a bite toy formed like a slipper.
Anthony said: ‘Some time afterward we were sitting in the relax playing with his toys. I turned round for a second what’s more, the next thing I know he’s licking his lips – he’d gulped his shoe bite toy.
‘He just sat there what’s more, appeared very loose yet I called the vets what’s more, they told me to bring him in straight away.’
Anthony hurried him back to Feed PDSA, where staff were totally gobsmacked to learn he was back to his old tricks.
Thankfully, Anthony’s brisk response implied Zeus did not have to experience more surgery what’s more, vets were capable to evacuate the bite toy utilizing forceps.
Mr Senior said: ‘Because his proprietors brought him straight into the healing facility he didn’t endure any genuine symptoms. 
‘It was extremely unusual – he was very cheerful what’s more, content, you wouldn’t think he had a toy held up inside him.
‘This time round we overseen to evacuate the toy through his throat utilizing extremely long forceps, evading major stomach surgery for a second time.’
Miraculously, Zeus was fine what’s more, was permitted home the same day, as it were having to return to the healing facility once more to have a check up.
Naughty Zeus is no longer permitted any more toys, for his possess safety. Anthony said: ‘He hasn’t got any more toys since the vets wouldn’t be capable to do the surgery once more – it can as it were be done once.’
He added: ‘We’re so thankful for everything PDSA have done for us. We’re keeping a extremely close eye on Zeus presently to make beyond any doubt he doesn’t do his again.’
The impulse to swallow abnormal things is called pica, which is exhibit in people who like eating tar, wipes what’s more, indeed coal.
Dogs regularly utilize their mouths to investigate objects as well as to eat, yet some of the time they get these capacities befuddled what’s more, can swallow an protest by mistake.

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