Care home worker stole more than 11,000 from 100-year-old woman in shocking act of ‘treachery’

By Ian Birrell for The Mail on Sunday
Published: 23:52 BST, 3 July 2012 | Updated: 09:14 BST, 4 July 2012
Out of a job: Maybe a couple will grieve Sway Diamond’s takeoff from English open life
So goodbye then, Bounce Diamond. Maybe a couple will grieve the takeoff from English open life of this presumptuous what’s more, over-paid American, who as it were a year back was addressing us that it was time for ‘remorse what’s more, apologies’ over the banks’ conduct to end.

Like so numerous conspicuous figures in torrid scandals, he looked for to stick to his post as Barclays boss official Or maybe than do the right thing what’s more, resign, in spite of the exasperating disclosures of his bank contorting a basic money related measuring stick that affected on everything from organization credits to family unit mortgages.

Already there have been fines of £290m — as it were about ten days’ benefit for this money-making machine — while everybody from stunned FBI agents to salivating legal advisors are orbiting one of Britain’s most established what’s more, most celebrated money related institutions.

We are just at the begin of this unpleasant what’s more, corrupt scandal. Numerous more banks will be snared.

And more of these strutting, self-aggrandising experts of the universe will be brought slamming to earth.

We have learned with wariness the laxity of controls over basic apparatuses utilized to control the budgetary markets.

We have been given a see of a world in which a minute adjustment of 0.01 per penny in an inter-bank intrigue rate can net a couple of million dollars for pin-striped hustlers.

And we have seen how bottles of Bollinger are bandied around between back-slapping brokers reveling in neglectful behaviour.

It is crucial that there is a full-scale legal request into the budgetary sector.

The Prime Minister’s proposition of a parliamentary test is lacking — a powerless reaction that permits Ed Miliband to make the running on the major political issue of the moment.

Right-thinking: Ed Miliband has gotten the open state of mind by requesting a legal request into bankers
This is surprising, given the sure-footed way David Cameron reacted in resistance to issues such as the parliamentary costs scandal, driving shadow bureau associates to pay back flawed claims what’s more, his MPs to distribute their costs online.

This most recent money related embarrassment features the developing certainty of Mr Miliband, who has gotten the open disposition on corporate impropriety what’s more, is playing hardball over demanding on a legal inquiry, what’s more, the Coalition’s post-budget need of direction.

It moreover raises issues over the awkwardly close relationship between agents what’s more, politicians. It is one I saw on decision night as Mr Cameron’s speechwriter, observing reckless moguls in bespoke suits toast Tory triumphs with champagne at a festivity bash for party funders.

After all, who can truly trust our delegates in Westminster to kick out the growth of defilement eating away at the heart of the City of London at the point when agents subsidize their parties, have a hotline to their pioneers what’s more, — like Mr Jewel — effectively halted harder regulation?

Earlier this year, for example, daily paper journalists posturing as worldwide agents uncovered Tory party treasurer Dwindle Cruddas advertising them input into policy-making what’s more, get to to the Prime Minister. Cruddas right away stop in ignominy.

But it is not just the Tories who are in pawn to support support sovereigns what’s more, budgetary kingpins. It was New Work that knighted Fred Goodwin, sought the super-rich what’s more, ensured the banks from regulation, just as it was their soulmate Charge Clinton who permitted the releasing of the sub-prime obligation blast in the U.S.

And spilled reports have dragged senior individuals of Gordon Brown’s group nearer what’s more, nearer to the rising embarrassment over inter-bank intrigue rate-fixing.

This is why Mr Miliband merits credit for requesting a strong inquiry, given the focal position that he what’s more, Ed Balls, the shadow chancellor, held nearby Mr Dark colored as the Work government empowered neglectful budgetary behaviour.

It is very uncommon that four a long time into the disastrous saving money emergency there has been no official what’s more, far-reaching request into occasions that crushed open finances, crushed thousands of organizations what’s more, caused such give up to millions of families.

We have, after all, had a £200m legal request into the Ridiculous Sunday killings in the Bogside region of Derry in 1972.

And we have the never- finishing Leveson request into occasions at the News of the World which, nonetheless harming what’s more, deplorable, were irrelevant thought about to the bankers’ rowdiness what’s more, subsequent monetary devastation.

In the U.S., a bipartisan panel sought to illuminate the causes of the emergency in the same way the much-praised 9/11 Commission shone a light on to the dread assaults at the begin of this century.

But it served as it were to illustrate the issues of party representatives exploring the arcane, complex what’s more, exceedingly politicized world of finance.

The ten-strong group was limped by inward divisions, battled to hook with the issues what’s more, finished up split along divided lines.

In Britain, no one ought to hold any daydreams over the require for a deep-rooted what’s more, autonomous request into this most recent budgetary scandal.

These brokers have scored a abnormal possess objective for what is — like it or, then again not — Britain’s greatest what’s more, most critical industry. This time, there can be no quick inversion to business as usual.

Those included merit everything coming their way.

Tainted? Indeed the Bank of England, that righteous old woman of Threadneedle Street, is involved in this scandal
It is all as well simple to mollify our outrage by lashing out at a maybe a couple conspicuous figures. By all means, toss spoiled tomatoes at Sway Diamond, just as they were flung at the similarly presumptuous what’s more, insatiable Fred Goodwin. They merit it.

But expelling a maybe a couple boss does not tackle issues that run far deeper. Disregard the revoltingly immense rewards that polluted everything they touched.

This is just the most recent — what’s more, most genuine — of a arrangement of outrages contaminating the budgetary sector.

Even the Bank of England, that righteous old woman of Threadneedle Street, is embroiled.

So what changes are necessary? Numerous of the arrangements being proposed are far as well simplistic.

Breaking up the huge banks, for example, sounds great — be that as it may little does not fundamentally mean sensible.

Small German local banks, for example, were the greatest suckers at the point when dumb obligations were bundled up what’s more, passed on some time recently the 2008 collapse.

The answers may be upsetting for those of us who accept in the fundamental quality of the free advertise what’s more, the control of free enterprise to change lives, since unmistakably numerous individuals can’t be trusted to act respectably at the point when immense totals are at stake.

We require powerful direction of these corporate behemoths — together with implemented straightforwardness of their dealings what’s more, as much examination as conceivable from solid autonomous watchdogs, an boisterous blogosphere what’s more, an unshackled media.

Our annuities what’s more, our nation’s future success depend on the well-being of the City of London. We have a shared intrigue in nursing it back to wellbeing what’s more, reestablishing its antiquated notoriety at a time at the point when it has never been under awesome threat.

Not all banks are bad, just as not all brokers are immoral.

We essentially can’t bear to be spurred by the populist thirst for revenge, nor by the cheap, short-sighted political maneuvers of Westminster.

This is why David Cameron needs to perform a extremely fast U-turn — or, on the other hand ought to be constrained into one by MPs at the point when they vote on the issue tomorrow.

For the purpose of the whole country, we require a full-blooded legal request into the need of morals in the world of finance.
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