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Published: 21:21 BST, 15 Regal 2012 | Updated: 15:57 BST, 16 Regal 2012
Waleed Qadora’s heart breaks as he observes his two youthful little girls playing.
Eight months prior he safeguarded them from the family’s consuming home in the battle-scarred Syrian city of Homs after it was hit by shells let go between government powers what’s more, revolt fighters.

Terrified of further attack, the whole family at that point gambled their lives escaping to neighboring Jordan.
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Scars: Waleed Qadora’s four-year-old little girl was gravely scarred at the point when the family’s home in the Syrian city of Homs was shelled
The girls, Qamar, four what’s more, Rahaf, three, survived the assault yet were seriously scarred what’s more, are presently as well humiliated of their wounds to wander outside.
Recalling the night their neighborhood was targetted by warring administration powers what’s more, Syrian rebels, Mr Qudora tells CNN: ‘The youngsters were on fire. I was running to get them what’s more, my arm gotten fire.

‘I ran through the fire two or, then again three times with out feeling a thing.

‘The as it were thing on my mind was that my youngsters were inside. I could hear their voices. Hear them crying.’
His wife, who was pregnant at the time, gotten away unharmed along well as the couple’s six year old child Abdul Malek.

Trauma: She’s so self-conscious about her injuries, the young lady is presently as well terrified to wander outside

Escape: Waleed was consumed safeguarding his daughters, some time recently escaping with the whole family to Jordan
The young ladies were at first treated at a government healing facility in Homs, yet dreading a strike by Syrian administration forces, Mr Qadora took the family what’s more, fled for the outskirt with Jordan.

After a risky five day journey, they arrived in the capital Amman, where they have lived since – presently a family of six – in a single high-rise inn room.
Mr Qadora has been blessed enough to enroll his little girls in a surgical program run by the help gathering Specialists Without Borders.
Psychological scars: Rahaf is just three, be that as it may is still mindful of scars on her face, telling her father: ‘I am not pretty, I am burned.’
Rahaf cries out in pain: The young ladies are being treated by Specialists Without Fringes in Jordan, yet will have to hold up numerous a long time some time recently they can have corrective surgery on their facial scars
They are among 200 Syrians who are being treated on the scheme, what’s more, have experienced different surgeries.
But since they will have to hold up for a few a long time some time recently they are old enough to experience corrective surgery to treat the scars on their faces.
He said: ‘(Rahaf) utilized to continuously tell me, ‘I am cute, I am pretty. presently she tells me, I am not pretty, I am burned.'”

Amman-based plastic surgeon, Dr Nasr Omar explained: ‘Whenever they have this monstrous distorted confront i think they attempt to detach themselves what’s more, attempt not to impart with other in the ordinary way.
Syrian government powers what’s more, the country’s rebels are both blameworthy of war crimes, Joined together Countries agents ruled yesterday.

The double judgment came as an airstrike murdered up to 80 individuals in the northern outskirt town of Azaz.

Earlier, a bomb detonated in focal Damascus close a inn where UN observers, counting Aristocrat Amos, were staying. None of the assignment were hurt.

The strife showed up in threat of heightening past Syrian outskirts last night, as the Joined together Bedouin Emirates, Qatar what’s more, Saudi Arabia requested their nationals to clear out Lebanon ‘immediately’ for fear of kidnappings.

Ongoing: Syrians analyze the harmed caused by an airstrike on the town of Azaaz, close the northern unsettled Syrian city of Aleppo, on Regal 15
Children: A Syrian man conveys an harmed youngster to a field healing center in Azaz as the Syrian Common War seethes on
The notices came as shooters having a place to a Lebanese Shi’ite family seized more than 20 detainees in countering for the catch of one of their comrades in Damascus.

The UN’s 102-page report faulted troops steadfast to President Bashar al-Assad for kill what’s more, torment in what showed up to be state-directed policy. Government powers were too blamed of sex attacks, subjective captures what’s more, detention, ravaging what’s more, annihilation of property.

Syrian rebels have too conferred war crimes, be that as it may these ‘did not reach the gravity, recurrence what’s more, scale’ of those conveyed out by the armed force what’s more, security forces, agents said. They included that both sides have disregarded the rights of youngsters amid the 17-month conflict.

‘We have recognized both parties as liable of war crimes, what’s more, of course a more prominent number what’s more, greater assortment from the government side,’ American senior agent Karen AbuZayd said.

Completing their request into a slaughter in Houla, north of Homs, in late May, the agents said government powers what’s more, state army warriors were mindful for the killings of more than 100 civilians, almost half of whom were children.

Yesterday, the viciousness appeared no sign of abating.

After the assault in Azaz, a video distributed by activists on YouTube appeared shouting occupants conveying bloodied bodies away from crumpled buildings.

Syrian powers have progressively utilized helicopter gunships what’s more, contender planes against the rebels – weaponry that the lightly-armed resistance warriors can’t match.

At minimum three individuals were hurt after explosives joined to a diesel tanker blew up in Damascus.

Baroness Amos composed on Twitter that she was incapable to get to the suburb of Douma, what’s more, could hear the sounds of shelling. ‘I was here in Walk what’s more, the circumstance has obviously got worse,’ she said.

Damage: A Syrian Air Compel strike has cleared out structures in Azaz lessened to rubble
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