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By JAMES CHAPMAN what’s more, BECKY BARROW, Day by day Mail
Last refreshed at 07:55 25 January 2006
Tony Blair uncovered his long-awaited crackdown on Britain’s sicknote culture recently with plans to get a million on benefits back to work.
From 2008, new inadequacy advantage inquirers chance losing part of their freebees in the event that they deny to take part in back-towork schemes.
Ministers will too look for to convince one million more established individuals what’s more, 300,000 single guardians to return to employment.
But last night the blueprint, at long last distributed after rehashed delays, was marked a “damp squib”.
The recommendations for welfare change made it clear that 2.7million existing inadequacy advantage inquirers are improbable to lose a penny of their handouts.
And what had been a firm promise from the Prime Serve to get a million back into work over the next decade was minimized to an “aspiration”.

Instead, the center will be on diminishing the number of new individuals marking up.
In a partitioned move, jobless over-50s will be required to take up “jobseeking support” for the to start with time.
Single guardians will be anticipated to go to more obligatory work-focused interviews, yet will get £20 a week additional in advantage for doing so.
The Moderates instantly blamed the Prime Serve of backing away from radical welfare change in the confront of a debilitated resistance from Work MPs.
Critics moreover pointed out that more than 800,000 existing inadequacy advantage inquirers are over 55 – meaning they will hit retirement age what’s more, stop guaranteeing anyway some time recently the Government’s ten year deadline.
When in opposition, Mr Blair guaranteed to cut the welfare burden, telling the Work meeting in 1996: “Judge me upon it, the buck stops with me.”
But yesterday’s “new bargain for welfare” made a arrangement of startling affirmations about the state of the inadequacy advantage framework practically nine a long time after Work came to power.
‘Perverse incentives’

The Government conceded little was being done to anticipate individuals moving on to the advantage in the to begin with place, inquirers are getting presents some time recently fulfilling key restorative tests what’s more, there are “perverse” motivations for individuals to keep asserting Or maybe than going back to work.
Work what’s more, Benefits Secretary John Hutton, disclosing the Green Paper on welfare reform, said inadequacy advantage would be renamed Work what’s more, Bolster Recompense from 2008.
But the recommendations make clear: “Existing petitioners will remain on their existing benefits.”
The Office for Work what’s more, Annuities plans to work “more proactively” with existing claimants, what’s more, will “encourage” them to volunteer for offer assistance to return to work.
Blind individuals will no longer be naturally absolved from being evaluated on their capacity to work. Other measures will incorporate work counselors being positioned in GPs’ surgeries.
Mr Hutton told MPs a few billion pounds could be spared from the yearly £12.5billion charge for ailment benefits.
But there was no sign of more radical measures glided by Bringing down Street, counting more means-testing of inadequacy advantage what’s more, a time constrain on how long individuals can claim.
‘Damp squib’

Tory welfare change representative David Ruffley said: “This has turned into a soggy squib.
“It’s going to take over a decade to work what’s more, existing inquirers won’t be going on to the new renamed benefit.”
Last night the Battle Gathering of Communist MPs, speaking to 30 Work backbenchers, cautioned it would contradict any moves to compel inadequacy inquirers to work.
The Government spends £31million a year printing counsel flyers on asserting benefits that are as well convoluted for most individuals to understand, concurring to the spending watchdog, the National Review Office.

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