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They may look sweet what’s more, cuddly as they play unpleasant what’s more, tumble in the snow, be that as it may polar bears are exceedingly particular slaughtering machines.

They can smell a seal 20 miles away, crush through yards of ice in minutes to reach their prey what’s more, expend 100lb of meat at a single sitting.
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So getting to grasps with the world’s biggest arrive flesh eater takes planning, aptitude what’s more, not a little boldness on the part of Canadian researcher Dr Scratch Lunn what’s more, his group of helpers.

First they utilize helicopters to track down a test of the 900-plus bears that live on the vast, cold wild of Canada’s western Hudson Bay. At that point they dash a test – from offspring to grown-up – from above with a safe tranquilliser.
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And as it were at the point when the world’s biggest arrive carnivores are floppy what’s more, coated with rest do they move in on foot to give them a intensive once-over as part of an continuous protection venture with the creature welfare philanthropy Mind For The Wild International.

They measure their length (up to 11ft), stature (up to 10ft) what’s more, huge torn paws (handy for slaughtering their prey what’s more, tearing it into bite-size pieces), look at each bear’s 42 razor-sharp teeth and, finally, tag their ears what’s more, inside lips with an distinguishing proof number so they perceive it once more in future.

Finally, the group take tiny tissue tests – to find out eat less carbs what’s more, how the bears are adapting in their progressively unfriendly condition – some time recently scarpering at the to begin with grumblings what’s more, stirrings.

And while it all sounds a bit undignified for the poor old bears, Dr Lunn could well be their hero since polar bears are in genuine danger.

As well as trophy-hunters queueing up to pay thousands of pounds to shoot them, worldwide warming is burglarizing them of a put to live what’s more, causing numerous bears to starve – they depend on the ocean solidifying over in winter so they can utilize it as a chasing stage for seals, their fundamental sustenance source.

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