Police could win 500 just for going to work

Last refreshed at 21:40 05 September 2007
Police officers are being advertised money prizes worth up to £500 just for turning up for work.

Officers who have not taken any time off wiped out over a nine-month period are entered into a prize draw.

A add up to of £4,000 is up for snatches what’s more, littler prizes of £100 what’s more, £50 are too awarded.

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The policeman behind the motivation conspire says it has driven to a tremendous diminishment in missing officers.

However, the move has maddened wrongdoing avoidance gatherings who called for officers with perseveringly terrible participation records to be sacked.

A representative for Guardians Against Viciousness said: “It is a disfavor that officers who are paid abundantly as it is are being given these sort of motivating force plans to get them into work.

“It goes against the entirety ethos of being a police officer. On the off chance that you can’t hack it you ought to be sacked.”

The conspire was presented in More prominent Manchester Police’s South Manchester division last year with a add up to prize pot of £3,000.

Now the prizes have been expanded to offer assistance spur officers further what’s more, cut absenteeism.

Chief Administrator Alan Cooper, who made £4,000 accessible from his financial plan for the scheme, said: “If you are ill, the thought of a couple of hundred pounds isn’t going to make individuals come into work.

“They might in the event that it’s just a sniffle.”

“We were eighth out of the 12 divisions inside More prominent Manchester Police in terms of affliction nonattendance what’s more, presently we are third.

“I picked the thought up from industry where they incentivise staff.”

Only staff who maintain a strategic distance from having a day off for nine months are entered into the draw what’s more, those with a past awful participation record are excluded.

Mr Cooper added: “This is just one of the measures which has cut ailment nonappearance dramatically.

“If individuals are off sick, they get a call to see in the event that they are OK.

“We meet them at the point when they get back to find out in the event that we can offer assistance them make strides their record.”

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