Renowned child therapist who appeared on Dr. Phil is arrested on CHILD ABUSE charges after leaving step-daughter, 11, home alone amid furious row with her husband

By James Gordon
Published: 21:19 BST, 20 Regal 2013 | Updated: 14:36 BST, 27 November 2013
It was the center of the night in the little country town of Bedford, Iowa at the point when an gotten away convict broke into a couple’s home.
Rodney Long, 38, meandered through the house of Jerome, 71, what’s more, Carolyn Mauderly, 66, as they rested in their room on Monday night.

Shot what’s more, killed: Rodney Eugene Long, 38. He was murdered by a country Bedford property holder who said the equipped man broke into his house

Long who was equipped with a semi-automatic handgun, was a needed man after shooting what’s more, harming a police officer on Sunday night, activating a 40 minute pursue what’s more, a huge manhunt.
Police ran a number of looks of the home on Monday morning as they looked for Long, yet it wasn’t until Monday night at the point when he at last surfaced, breaking into the little one-storey house.
The Mauderlys were held prisoner in their possess room what’s more, Long, waving a rifle, paraded about the place. He indeed took the time to call someone, despite the fact that police won’t say who.
After four hours of being held captive, Mr Mauderly, who kept a shotgun in the house, chosen that he was going to do something. about the situation.
Like numerous other Bedford residents, the Mauderlys had outfitted themselves in the days since Long’s jail escape.
‘Several individuals of the group in the event that not everyone went to bed or, on the other hand was equipped in a few mold in their quick surroundings, is what we’ve heard from the public,’ said uncommon operator in charge Mitch Mortvedt.

Breathing easier: Uncommon Operator in Charge Mitch Mortvedt affirmed Long’s slaughtering at a news meeting prior today

Armed: Less than 1,500 individuals live in the little town of Bedford. A few inhabitants cleared out while Long was on the loose, while others outfitted themselves what’s more, kept weapons by their beds

‘As the circumstance wore on, a choice was made by the Mauderlys that they were going to guard themselves,’  he said amid a news conference.
Somehow, despite the fact that authorities have not said how exactly, Jerome Mauderly was capable to get hold of his weapon what’s more, shoot Long.
Police were on scene nearly quickly what’s more, found him laying confront down with a single weapon shot wound.
The Mauderlys were uninjured.
Long, who is initially from southeast Iowa, was serving time for third-degree burglary.
He was condemned prior this year what’s more, was due to be discharged in September 2014.
On the run: Experts say Long, an gotten away inmate, shot a southwest Iowa sheriff’s deputy

Officials said Long’s past offenses were all non-violent, what’s more, they are unconscious of him having any mental issues.
After Long had escaped, the town had held up for his catch with a blend of dread what’s more, fear.
Numerous Bedford inhabitants outfitted themselves in the days since Long’s jail escape.
Mick Ware, 68, told the Des Moines enlist that a few group individuals cleared out town since they were as well frightened to remain.
He depicted the Mauderlys as ‘good people, normal people. They just work hard.’
He too called Jerome Mauderly, who is the minister in his nearby church, a hero.
‘The group is grateful, law requirement is grateful, since this chance is gone,’ Mr Product said.
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