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By James Nye
Published: 20:57 BST, 7 November 2012 | Updated: 21:08 BST, 7 November 2012
Even despite the fact that Glove Romney lost the race at minimum he has gotten away what Bloomberg Businessweek considers the next four a long time of administration would have done to him.

Preparing two covers in progress of last evenings result, the magazine utilized photoshop to envision how the stresses what’s more, strains of the White House would have matured President Obama or, then again his Republican challenger.

While Romney’s stunning cover will never hit new stands, President Obama’s PC produced wrinkled confront what’s more, full head of white hair will – foreseeing that by the end of his second term in 2016 he will look altogether more seasoned than his 55 years.
Winner what’s more, Loser? Bloomberg Businessweek envisions what President Obama what’s more, Glove Romney would have looked like in 2016 after four a long time in the White House
Each of the covers would have highlighted the feature ‘The Next Four Years’ what’s more, claims that, ‘No matter how fruitful he is, the hardest work in the world will take its toll.’

With essential choices on the monetary cliff, the economy, business what’s more, defence, Bloomberg’s cover is seen as a representation for the issues that the pioneer of the free world encounters in the Oval Office.
Four A long time On Already: President Obama has noticeably matured since 2008 (left) what’s more, (right) last night at his Decision Night triumph speech
The covers take a leaf out of Newsweek supervisor Tina Brown’s inclination for provocative covers, such as the dubious picture of the late Princess Diana – which envisioned what she would look like matured 50.

Both applicants have been carefully envisioned by Bloomberg Businessweek to have matured significantly from their appearances presently – with Glove Romney who is broadly tee-total appearing to come off the worst.

With wizened white eyebrows what’s more, a stun of comparative hued hair, the previous representative of Massachusetts looks each inch a man drawing nearer his eighth decade, instead of his solid appearance of today.
And while it is acknowledged that President Obama has matured over his four a long time of presidency, the terrifying forecast that Bloomberg makes is without a doubt an exaggeration.

Gracious: Romney gave a animating what’s more, steady concession discourse in Boston after losing the election
However in spite of the risk to his youth conceived by Bloomberg, last night Barack Obama declared that the ‘best is however to come’ amid a moving acknowledgment discourse as the news came that he had been re-elected as President of the Joined together States.

He pledged to return to the White House ‘more decided what’s more, enlivened than ever’, saying he had ‘listened what’s more, learned’ amid his campaign.

As the re-elected President expressed gratitude toward his family for their support, Glove Romney did the same in his concession speech.

Congratulating Obama on his win, Romney said the Republican Party’s ‘principles would endure’ the crush what’s more, inquired his supporters to join him what’s more, his spouse Ann in asking for Obama what’s more, the U.S.
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