Teenage girl killed while walking on motorway at 4am hours after posting message to friends and family on Twitter

By James Nye
Published: 21:01 BST, 27 Walk 2013 | Updated: 21:01 BST, 27 Walk 2013
A  Pennsylvania man was cleared out stricken on the floor after being hit by a pickup truck at the point when a puppy inside the unattended auto incidentally pushed it into gear.

Steve Kover, 52, was hurried to York Clinic by paramedics after a part of the open dialed 911 at the point when they saw him oblivious on the ground.

West York Police built up that Kover had been strolling past the still running auto at the point when the puppy pushed the car’s adapt stick into drive what’s more, it started to roll towards him.
Police in Pennsylvania say a canine that was cleared out in an unattended vehicle thumped it into adapt what’s more, the auto struck a pedestrian
Unaware, Kover did not see the pick up truck moving towards him what’s more, was incapable to prop himself at the point when he was caught between his auto what’s more, a stopped vehicle.

He was briefly thumped oblivious after his head hit the ground, police said. He was taken to York Healing facility for treatment.
Steve Kover was taken to healing center in York where he was check over what’s more, discharged damage free
A witness saw the truck floating toward a stopped vehicle what’s more, attempted in vain to stop it, police said.

It sideswiped the vehicle, squeezing the representative between the two vehicles, police said.

The mishap happened at about 11:25 a.m. Tuesday at Hoke Mills, 150 S. Seward St.

Upon landing at the hospital, Kover was analyzed what’s more, discharged what’s more, rejoined with his canine by police officers.
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