Archbishop blasts Tory crackdown on the workshy as jobseekers are ordered to do unpaid work

By Jason Forests for the Day by day Mail
Updated: 10:17 BST, 8 November 2010
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‘Anxious’: Ecclesiastical overseer of Canterbury Dr Rowan Williams is concerned that driving individuals to do manual work for a low wage will drive them to despair
Benefits changes which would compel the jobless to embrace unpaid manual work will send inquirers into a ‘downward winding of despair’, the Diocese supervisor of Canterbury has warned.
He talked as Work what’s more, Annuities Secretary Iain Duncan Smith arranged to uncover his dubious scheme.
Under it, work searchers would be anticipated to embrace 30 hours a week of litter picking or, on the other hand planting for four weeks.
For this, they would get no additional cash yet anybody who declined to go along could have their £65-a-week Jobseeker’s Recompense halted for at minimum three months.
Mr Duncan Smith’s contention is that it is as it were by breaking the horrible cycle of benefits reliance that those without work will look for to better themselves.

But Diocese supervisor Rowan Williams said Coalition plans to split down on Britain’s enlarged welfare framework were ‘unfair’. 
He said the five million on out-of-work benefits were not ‘wicked, inept or, on the other hand lazy’ what’s more, ought to not be punished to just spare money.

‘People who are battling to find work what’s more, battling to find a secure future are I think driven further into a sort of descending winding of uncertainty, indeed lose hope at the point when the pressure’s on in that way,’ he said.

‘And very frequently it can make individuals begin feeling powerless – indeed more powerless as time goes on – what’s more, that’s the kind of shamefulness that I feel.’
The push comes as a new report found cuts to lodging advantage will make expansive swaths of southern Britain off limits to poorer families, driving a mass relocation to the north.
The Contracted Establish of Lodging report appears that in just ten a long time most two-bedroom  homes in the south will move toward becoming out of reach to those asserting nearby lodging allowance.
Dr Williams’s remarks incited outrage inside the Coalition, with one senior Tory saying it was time for the Ecclesiastical overseer to ‘pipe down’.

A Government source said Dr Williams did not show up to get it the Government’s plans.

The source said: ‘We don’t need to get into a open slanging coordinate with the Diocese supervisor about this, yet he is wrong.

‘There is nothing honorable about catching individuals in joblessness what’s more, censuring them to a life on benefits. This is about making a difference individuals out of a descending winding by giving them encounter of work.

‘Many individuals who have been on benefits for a long time have self-esteem problems. We need to give them the encounter what’s more, commonsense offer assistance they require to get back into work.’
Tory MEP Roger Helmer said: ‘The Ecclesiastical overseer of Canterbury unmistakably knows nothing about either financial aspects or, on the other hand welfare: he ought to pipe down.’
Plans: Iain Duncan Smith claims the conspire is the as it were way to break the cycle of benefits dependency
Treasury Boss Secretary Danny Alexander denied claims that priests needed to see the jobless join ‘chain gangs’. Yet he conceded the new arrangements would be utilized as a ‘sanction’ against advantage inquirers who did not attempt to get a job.
The conspire is directed at layabouts who pick a life of benefits Or maybe than going out to work.

It is too composed to handle individuals who sign on for benefits while working in the dark economy.
It is part of a ‘carrot what’s more, stick’ approach to transforming the £192billion welfare system, which will too see the jobless advertised a new ensure that they will continuously be better off in work than on benefits.
Labour’s work what’s more, annuities spokesman, Douglas Alexander, said the greatest issue with the Government’s drive to get individuals back to work was that there are as well maybe a couple jobs.

He added: ‘The genuine blemish in the Coalition’s design is that without work it won’t work.’
The Ecclesiastical overseer moreover assaulted plans to top lodging advantage payments, saying these could lead to ‘social zoning’ in Britain’s cities, with poorer families constrained out of well-off areas.
Dr Williams said: ‘My stress there is that people’s lodging is part of their sense of stability, part of their sense of having a secure future, what’s more, I’m too a bit stressed about the way in which this could lead to a kind of social zoning, where center class zones get more unequivocally center class what’s more, other individuals are pushed out to the edge.’
The Archbishop’s intercession is not the to start with time he has sought controversy.

In 2008 he was reprimanded for asserting that the selection of perspectives of sharia law in the UK was ‘unavoidable’. He was too an candid commentator of the attack of Iraq.

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