Emperor Blair’s loss of reality is now total

By Jennifer Madison
Updated: 08:40 BST, 28 July 2011
If you’ve imagined of living like The Fella from Enormous Lebowski since 1998 – here’s your chance.
The one-bedroom lodge Jeff Bridges’ character lived in for Joel what’s more, Ethan Coen’s clique film is on the market.
But with a almost $2.3million cost tag for the Venice, California property, it’s improbable El Duderino himself would have scavenged up the money to crash there.

The abode: The Venice, California property included in the Coen Brothers’ The Enormous Lebowski is on the market

Lush: 606-608 Venezia Road highlights ‘spacious side-yards what’s more, a richly arranged gated courtyard’
The six one-bedroom bungalows at 606-608 Venezia Road are being sold as a gathering by nearby Bulldog Realtors.
According to the listing, The Enormous Lebowski Compound’s ‘historic’ one room houses sit on 10,628 sq ft lot, squares to the shoreline what’s more, Abbot Kinney.

But the property has had a major facelift since the film, making a difference the owners, who live out of town, to push up the inquiring cost to $2.295million.

In 2005, the compound experienced major renovations, counting new sewer line what’s more, roofing.

Look familiar? Jeff Bridges’ character The Man lived in the one-bedroom house in Venice
Bungalow: The six one-bedroom homes are being sold as a gathering for just under $2.3million
The property highlights ‘spacious side-yards what’s more, a richly arranged gated courtyard,’ agreeing to posting specialist Winston Cenac.

He told L.A. Weekly: ‘It’s a lovely little compound. A few of the occupants are decorators, so on the inside, the units just look primo.’
But could The Fella bear it?
‘There’s no way,’ he said. ‘In the motion picture the entirety compound is extremely rundown.’

Tourist trap: The posting operator said outsiders consistently stop at the compound to snap pictures of the celebrated porch
Facelift: In 2005, the property experienced major renovations, counting new sewer line what’s more, roofing
‘I’m not Mr Lebowski’: Jeff Spans as Jeffrey Lebowski – The Man – in the Coen brothers’ 1998 faction film
One thing he cautions – film fans may be thumping on your entryway in the event that you purchase the pad.
Cenac said outsiders stop by routinely to snap pictures of the front porch.
‘On the Venice Plant tour, a enormous gathering of individuals perceived it. A German individual came by to have his picture taken some time recently leaving,’ he said.
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