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By John Stevens for the Every day Mail
Published: 22:07 BST, 27 December 2013 | Updated: 22:07 BST, 27 December 2013
They are acclimated to managing with criminals what’s more, hoodlums prowling in the shadows.
But presently police are being called on to bargain with unearthly creatures such as ghosts, witches what’s more, vampires.
Figures discharged by police powers over the nation uncover that hundreds of individuals have dialed 999 to report extraordinary activity.
Figures uncover that police have been called out to 277 reports of ‘supernatural’ action in three years

And in spite of the unusual nature of the calls, officers have frequently taken on the part of the Ghostbusters what’s more, headed out in response.
Seventeen police powers in Britain what’s more, Ribs have uncovered subtle elements of 277 cases in which individuals had asked pressing help following ’paranormal’ or, on the other hand ‘extra-terrestrial’ episodes over the past three years.
Most of the calls related to phantoms with a few guaranteeing to have been possessed.
Among the reports logged was a man who called police after he was told there was a apparition in his house what’s more, he found blood on the lavatory door.
Officers gone to be that as it may found that it was a trick being played on the man by his friends.
Police in Dyfed-Powys went to six reports of ghosts. They too gone to four reports of the paranormal counting a guest who revealed that they had been snatched by aliens, tested on, at that point returned to earth.
Another guest in Llanybydder told police that a UFO had taken sheep.
In Devon what’s more, Cornwall, police have been called to 30 reports of paranormal movement since 2010.
Ghostbusters: Just like characters in the 1980s film, officers have been sent out to explore hauntings, a individual who thought they were possessed, what’s more, another who thought they had been abducted

According to a police log from January 2013, a man at a palace in Saltash, Cornwall, was constrained to bolt the entryways after he was gone to by a man who thought he was the Apparition of Christmas Past.
Police gone to be that as it may it is not known what activity was taken.
Many of the reports of UFOs were found by police to be Chinese lanterns. In January 20011, a guest in Humberside told the administrator she accepted she had seen an alien, be that as it may it turned out to be a Chinese lantern.
In Gloucestershire a man revealed seeing a splendid light from his back garden, that was not a star or, on the other hand a helicopter. The administrator noted: ‘He is persuaded it is a UFO, has checked it with binoculars. He is not mad.’
The English Transport Police was cautioned in September 2012 after there was a report of witches what’s more, warlocks voyaging on board a benefit from Edinburgh to London.
An person had told officers that a warlock had assaulted what’s more, potentially slaughtered their partner. They were expelled from the prepare what’s more, evaluated by paramedics.
Most reports of lights in the sky turn out to be Chinese lanterns. Police say they will not go to each call what’s more, will as it were go in the event that there is a doubt that a criminal offense has taken place

A individual in Tring, Hertfordshire, called to report their ex-partner had move toward becoming included in a faction what’s more, ‘is a few kind of vampire’. ‘I have seen teeth come out,’ they added, concurring to the call log.
In Maidstone, Kent, a mother dialed 999 after her youngster woke up what’s more, said a apparition had got into bed with them what’s more, lifted the covers up. Her other youngster guaranteed to have moreover seen shadows.
A representative for Devon what’s more, Cornwall Police said that officers had reacted to calls where there were concerns about the prosperity of callers.
He said: ‘Police would not go to an episode for the report of paranormal activity. An officer will nonetheless go to in the event that there is concern for welfare for either the guest or, on the other hand another person or, then again where there is reason to accept an offense may have occurred.’
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