TV comic ‘groomed’ tragic overdose teenager: 18-year-old’s mystery death after star ‘showered him with gifts then made sexual advances’

By Jonathan Square
Published: 20:25 BST, 14 Walk 2014 | Updated: 21:20 BST, 14 Walk 2014
The film appears the four men wearing almost indistinguishable veils comparative to the cosmetics KISS guitarist Paul Stanley wears on stage. His cosmetics highlights white paint, with a dark star over his right eye.
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Men in KISS veils vandalizing autos at a New Pullover auto body shop

The harm to the autos incorporate “spray paint, graffiti, dents, various dents, crushed windshields, tore interiors,” Saddle Stream Police Boss Robert Kugler told CBS New York.
The men utilized jars of shower paint, shovels, metal funnels what’s more, indeed a fire douser to cause the damage, evaluated at $40,000.
The vandals were quickly hindered amid their pandemonium at the point when the caution on a Mercedes went off, causing them to flee. However, at the point when the alert went off, the men returned what’s more, proceeded their destruction.
The guilty parties were make as much harm as they did since the shop is found in a separated range next to railroad tracks, what’s more, is not noticeable from a private zone nearby.

One of the 25 autos harmed by vandals wearing KISS veils at a New Pullover Maaco auto body repair shop

Police are trusting that discharging the observation video will lead to somebody recognizing the vandals.
‘Our trust is that somebody from the open can recognize one or, on the other hand all of the punks included in this irritating what’s more, stunning crime, or, on the other hand possibly have heard of them bragging about their most inept behavior,” Appointee Police Boss Robert White told ‘They may have thought their senseless frenzy was a joke what’s more, funny, be that as it may our want is that they before long learn just how not a joke it is to be bolted up in the Bergen Province Jail.’
Surveillance film from a New Pullover auto body shop appears vandals in KISS veils splash painting what’s more, harming cars

KISS individuals Quality Simmons (left), Tommy Thayer (center) what’s more, Paul Stanley (right) perform at a show in Eminent 2012

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