Female New York professor fails to make 3,000 bail as she sits in jail after being arrested ‘for stalking top British economist’

By Joshua Gardner
Published: 21:58 BST, 24 June 2013 | Updated: 23:39 BST, 24 June 2013
A young lady who was a beginning player for her school football group in 6th review has been told she won’t be permitted to attempt out once more next year since the young men on the group will desire after her.

Maddy Paige, 12, was the beginning protective end for her Insect Grove, Georgia center school’s group last season what’s more, indeed made four sacks. Yet school authorities as of late told her guardians that she won’t be permitted to play on the group next year.

Maddy’s mother Cassy Blythe is presently irate with Solid Shake Christian School what’s more, is attempting to get heads to reconsider.
Revoked: Maddy Paige was doing awesome as to begin with string cautious end for her Georgia center school’s football group yet was as of late told she would not be permitted to play next season
‘I was told that the reasons behind it were one, that the young men were going to begin craving after her what’s more, have sullied musings about her what’s more, that the locker room talk was not fitting for a female to hear indeed despite the fact that she had a independent locker room from the boys,’ Blythe told 11Alive.

But things didn’t continuously appear so unfair. At the point when Maddy to begin with begun on the team, she said she felt totally accepted.

‘I was put at cautious tackle, to begin with string, the mentors were truly proud. My teammates, a pat on the back each time,’ she said.
Unfair: Maddy, top left, made four sacks last season what’s more, all it got her was sacked from the group what’s more, her school claims it’s since the young men will desire after her what’s more, have sullied thoughts

And she merited those taps on the back. The youthful young lady was to begin with string for a reason.

‘The to begin with sack I made,’ Maddy said, ‘all the guardians in the stands thought it was one of their boys…but they looked at the list what’s more, saw it was me what’s more, I got astounding whoops what’s more, hollers.’

Then, as rapidly as it had been given to her, the blessing of getting to play with the young men like she’d continuously needed was taken away.
Crushed: ‘It’s like taking my dream what’s more, tossing it in the trash,’ Maddy said
‘It’s like taking my dream what’s more, tossing it in the trash,’ she said.

Blythe agrees.

‘They let her have that cake,’ Blythe said, ‘and at that point they took it from her what’s more, they crushed it.’
Throwback: Maddy’s mother Cassy Blythe calls the choice chronologically misguided what’s more, has appealed
11Alive reached the school’s athletic executive Phil Roberts, who reacted in an email: ‘Our official arrangement is that center school young ladies play young lady sports what’s more, center school young men play kid sports.’

Blythe accepts that sort of strategy sends the off-base message what’s more, is engaging the decision.

‘What we need her to learn is that her hard work what’s more, devotion pays off,’ said Blythe. ‘And in this case, her hard work what’s more, devotion got her kicked off a football team.’
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