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A scarecrow dressed to look like a movement cop didn’t go down as well well with genuine police officers.

In truth they took the matter so truly at the point when they heard about it a watch auto on the way to the scene of a lethal crash was redirected to pay the scarecrow’s owner, Christopher Strong, a visit.
And after requesting him to take it down, officers cautioned him that he could be denounced of imitating a policeman.

Mr Strong, 58, dressed the one-legged straw sham in a fluorescent yellow coat from Halfords what’s more, a police cap from a joke shop for a town scarecrow competition.
He included a striped tie, epaulettes what’s more, a home-made identification perusing “Scarecrow Movement Policy’. His creation was finished with a speed weapon designed from a ladies’ hairdryer what’s more, a broken sun oriented light from his garden.
But just a day after he propped the scarecrow on top of his privet support in the town of Mickle Trafford, close Chester, pointing its counterfeit speed weapon along the occupied A56 fundamental street in the trust it would discourage drivers from speeding, he felt the full compel of the law.
“It caused a genuine blend in the village,” said Mr Strong. “The officers were Or maybe abrupt what’s more, told me they had gotten a few grumblings from drivers who thought it was a genuine police officer what’s more, that it could cause an mishap on the off chance that a auto braked suddenly.
“I couldn’t accept it. Then, consummately seriously, they told me to expel the policeman’s cap what’s more, the hairdryer camera or, on the other hand I may be blamed of mimicking a police officer.
“I clarified that it was a scarecrow in a rivalry with a head full of straw what’s more, one leg, be that as it may they were not in the minimum amused.”
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Mr Solid declined to change the uniform of his scarecrow, yet was requested to move it out of locate of drivers on the road. It presently dwells behind the hedge.
Villagers were staggered by the police reaction what’s more, Audra Goodall, who sorted out the rivalry to raise cash for the nearby essential school, has composed to Mr Solid saying: “I know numerous individuals in the town thought your section was incredible – doubtlessly anything which moderates the activity down through Mickle Trafford is a great thing.”
She added: “Before arranging the rivalry I gone by the police to inquire on the off chance that there was any direction to making scarecrows. They positively did not say anything about making a scarecrow police officer.”
A Cheshire police representative said: “There shows up to be a little misunderstanding. What we implied was that in the event that a part of the open was wearing garments like those the scarecrow was wearing, they could be arraigned for imitating a police officer.
“We did not plan Mr Solid to think either he or, on the other hand his scarecrow would be prosecuted.”

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