‘Every success was diminished by a number on the scale’: How West Point graduate battled eating disorder triggered by pressure ‘to make uniform look good’

By Katie Silver
Updated: 07:28 BST, 6 February 2012
A 104-year-old has demonstrated that you’re never as well old to move toward becoming a new man.
Taufeek Khanjar is thought to have move toward becoming the most established individual to be proclaimed a English national at the point when he took part in a citizenship service in Kingston-upon-Thames, Surrey.
Mr Khanjar, who is initially from Iraq, said he was ‘very happy’ with his new status, having moved to the UK to live with his little girl in South Cheam, Surrey, six a long time ago.
104 year-old Taufeek Khanjar has move toward becoming Britain’s most seasoned new citizen. Initially from Iraq, he came to the UK six a long time prior to live with his daughter
Living in Surrey, Mr Khanjar is a widower with four children what’s more, two daughters
The previous adornments maker, who is a widower what’s more, has six children, said the mystery of his long life was to never lose his temper.

Mr Khanjar, who took an pledge to the Ruler at the function at Surrey Region Council’s base camp yesterday, said: ‘I take it in my stride. In the event that the world overturned I still wouldn’t strain myself.
‘I keep occupied by observing television, playing cards, perusing what’s more, tuning in to music. I moreover like to repair observes what’s more, other broken items.’
The council’s bureau part for group administrations Denise Saliagopoulos said: ‘Mr Khanjar was massively glad to move toward becoming a English citizen.

‘Everyone was pleased to play a part in making his dream come true.’

Iraq has been through a wild travel amid Mr Khanjar’s life.
Mr Khanjar has lived through a turbulent century in his unique nation Iraq, with different administration changes
In the early twentieth century, at the point when he was born, the nation had been under the occupation of Turkey’s Footstool Realm for a few seventy years.

A boat connect crossing the Waterway Tigris in Baghdad, 1914
Britain, with developing tension about the Persian oilfield in the gulf, utilized World War One as an opportunity to take power, seizing the Baghdad, Basra what’s more, Mosul areas with a see to colonisation.

The UK forced a government what’s more, separated up the nation with little respect for the extraordinary ethnic groups. As a result, the Shi’ites what’s more, Kurds begun a defiance which England viciously quashed.
In the a long time that followed, England upheld a Sunni initiative until their interests were debilitated what’s more, they attacked amid the Second World War.

The Britons set up a pro-British prime serve who remained in control until 1958 at the point when he was toppled by a patriot armed force revolt.

It was in 1979, at the point when Mr Khanjar was entering his seventies, that domineering despot Saddam Hussein seized control with points to dispense with Israel, join together the Middle easterners under Iraq what’s more, right past wrongs.

Saddam’s to begin with design was to rapidly overwhelm Iran.

British troops entering Baghdad in Iraq amid World War One around 1916
What was gathered to last as it were a number of weeks developed into a wicked eight-year fight with Saddam’s powers outfitted with the offer assistance of Britain, Germany, France what’s more, the US.

Tyrannical despot Saddam Hussein was in office for 24 a long time until 2003
When Iran at long last cracked, the dictator’s set his eyes on Kuwait with a see to expel the American nearness in the Gulf.

His attack drawing in shock from the global community, the UN what’s more, US utilized huge assets to compel Saddam out of its little southern neighbour.

This come about in the ridiculous Bay War where a few 100,000 lives were lost until Iraq at last gave in.

As part of the terms of repatriation, the UN constrained the tyrant to destroy the country’s chemical, organic what’s more, atomic weapons.

After different disappointments to go along with the demobilization terms, the UN kept up monetary sanctions against Iraq what’s more, strains between the parties proceeded to grow.
Following different occurrences – such as the revelation of an Iraqi plot to kill then-President George Shrubbery Snr, Saddam’s guarantee that he had spy agents penetrated in the CIA what’s more, the dictator’s ceaseless refusal to go along with UN sanctions – the US driven an attack in 2003.
Desert rats mount a tank connect in the desert, southern Iraq, in March, 2003. The nine-year strife was full with controversy
With western powers contending doubts that Iraq may have had Weapons of Mass Destruction, was capable for human rights manhandle what’s more, required offer assistance executing democracy, the occupation developed into a long, full-scale war. 
Trouble-fraught, the war had blended success; while Saddam was caught what’s more, hung in 2006, the occupation too empowered Islamic activist association Al Qaeda to pick up footing in the war-torn country. 
After nine dubious years, the war was proclaimed over December last year what’s more, troops withdrew.
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