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By Kerry Mcdermott
Published: 22:13 BST, 6 December 2012 | Updated: 09:33 BST, 7 December 2012
Walkers walking along this blanketed road had a frightful amaze at the point when a person on foot connect all of a sudden crumpled without warning.
A security camera caught the stun of bystanders as a extensive segment of the walkway – which was weighted down by snow – disintegrated in Corum, Turkey.

One understudy is caught on to have been harmed at the point when the connect all of a sudden collapsed, be that as it may there were no other casualties.
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Sudden: Camera film appears bystanders halting to gaze as the snow-covered connect all of a sudden crumpled in Turkey
Video film from the security camera appears a youth standing just inches from the influenced area of the connect as it starts to fall in.
The kid can be seen running into the street to maintain a strategic distance from falling into the gap.

After the split-second crumple a little swarm of stunned bystanders accumulate around the empty that the connect had traversed to take a nearer look.
Close shave: A youthful kid can be seen standing at the edge of the zone of the walkway just some time recently it collapses

Dash for safety: As the walkway begins to crumble, the kid can be seen running towards the street to evade falling into the hole cleared out behind

Shock: In a split second, the connect breakdown clearing out a expanding gap in the walkway in Corum, Turkey

Startled: A little swarm of bystanders accumulate around the gap to take a nearer look
It is not known what caused the collapse.
Authorities have said work is as of now in progress to repair the crumpled walkway, agreeing to a report on
VIDEO: Stun connect crumple in Turkey. Essential minute around 30 seconds… 
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