SHOCKING video of police officer choking inmate inside of his cell amid allegations of horrific jail brutality and corruption

By Kirk Maltais
Published: 00:32 BST, 14 June 2014 | Updated: 00:56 BST, 14 June 2014
Appalling new video has been discharged in Denver, Colorado, appearing police officers tossing an detainee into his cell, where he was at that point stifled what’s more, tased by a swarm of officers.
The video, unlocked on Friday by a judge in U.S. Region Court as part of an arrange discharging other records in an inward examination into the lead of the Denver Sheriff Department, appears an officer tossing detainee Jamal Seeker into a cell, where he at that point held down what’s more, stifled with another officer joining in.
A third officer at that point enters the cell in the July 31, 2011 incident, what’s more, starts stunning Seeker with a Taser. Two more officers at that point enter to offer assistance control the inmate. 
WARNING: Realistic CONTENT (scroll down for video)
The video was discharged as part of a bigger case including Hunter, who is suing the City of Denver what’s more, person officers with claims of uncontrolled defilement inside of the Denver Province Jail.
The video appears Appointee Edward Keller tossing Seeker into the cell, at that point instantly tossing him onto his bed what’s more, stifling him. The officer that stunned Seeker with the Taser has been recognized as Sgt. Anthony Mazzei, who utilized the Taser twice on Hunter.
According to The Denver Post, the episode started at the point when Seeker spat what’s more, reviled at Keller, calling him a racist.

According to court documents, Seeker was held down what’s more, beaten by one inmate, while another stood as a lookout. A third prisoner at that point entered what’s more, poured a glass of burning hot water onto Hunter, which seriously consumed him.

‘I was assaulted by detainees what’s more, it driven to me being burnt extremely awful on my pelvis, my genitals, what’s more, it was just a loathsome burn,’ Seeker told CBS4.
The assault were prodded by detainees accepting that Seeker was an informant. Concurring to Hunter’s lawsuit, an prisoner was told this by Gaynel Rumer, the appointee in charge of the unit where Seeker lived.

In an sworn statement from Amos Page, one of the detainees that taken an interest in the July 18 assault on Hunter, Rumer told the detainee this data to ‘poor [sic] gas on a fire.’ Page asserted that Seeker would make fun of Rumer for drinking liquor amid his shift.
According to the affidavit, Rumer was in business with other detainees in the pod, permitting pornography, drugs what’s more, liquor to be sold in trade for a cut of the proceeds. Rumer would moreover help the detainees in their regulating beatings to other detainees who were ‘snitches’ or, on the other hand sex offenders.
‘Rumer would let me control the pod. Rumer would permit me to give other prisoners infringement such as “50 punches to the chin” or, then again “straight up two minutes” (two minutes with four homies)’ said Page in the document. He moreover guaranteed to tell Seeker that ‘this is not the spot for you’ earlier to the July 18 attack.
Footage of the July 31 episode was discharged as part of the arrange by U.S. Locale Judge John Kane, who has inquired government prosecutors to explore the ‘patterns what’s more, practices’ of the sheriff’s what’s more, police departments. Since the assaults on Hunter, other officers with both the police what’s more, sheriff’s divisions have been denounced of scaring witnesses included in the matter.

In the July 31 incident, Agent Keller was suspended for 30 days for utilizing intemperate force.

Rumer has denied the charges made against him He was suspended for 40 days from his job.

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