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By Laura Cox for the Day by day Mail
Updated: 21:50 BST, 29 February 2012
An unlawful foreigner demonstrated a enduring impression isn’t fundamentally a great one at the point when he went work chasing stripped what’s more, high.
Hispanic Jose Ayala arrived at a Del Paso Heights-area welding shop on Saturday without a fasten of garments on his body what’s more, having taken methamphetamine.
‘I turn around what’s more, I’m like ‘whoa!’’  Proprietor Chris Johnson told CBS Local. ‘He said something about he was looking for work, what’s more, he was great with his hands. I didn’t know why a stripped man would be in my shop.’
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Naked: Jose Ayala turned up to Chris Johnson’s welding shop inquiring for a work totally naked.
Johnson escorted Ayala out of his Juliesse Road shop what’s more, told him to put a few garments on some time recently calling 911.

Two cops arrived what’s more, attempted to capture Ayala yet he moved toward becoming forceful what’s more, begun to battle them, pulling the female officer’s hair what’s more, kicking.

After a battle they overseen to get him to the ground, helped by three by-standers who packaged in to help.
Illegal: Ayala is an illicit foreigner what’s more, accepted to be HIV positive.
‘There was like five individuals on him, still having a hard time holding him down,’ Johnson said.

‘There was as it were so numerous parts you could grab.’

One multi-tasker pitched in with one hand while gripping a burger in the other.
Fortunately for them police back-up arrived.

It took six officers to tie Ayala up what’s more, package him into a watch car, some time recently whisking him off to Sacramento Region Jail.

Johnson caught the entirety occasion on video what’s more, it has since gone viral on the internet. He said he has been unfit to get any work done since of the number of calls he has had from Television channels needing to know the story.

Fight: Two cops battled to control Ayala be that as it may he demonstrated as well solid for them.

Help: Onlookers pitched in as the cops wrestled with Ayala. He was kicking what’s more, pulling the female officer’s hair.

Back-up: More officers arrived what’s more, it took six of them to tie Ayala up what’s more, package him into a watch car.
Dectectives have prompted anybody who came into contact with Ayala to be tried for HIV as he is evidently HIV positive.
They have too affirmed that he has been living in the Joined together States illegally. He was declined safeguard what’s more, kept in jail on migration hold.

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