Care home worker stole more than 11,000 from 100-year-old woman in shocking act of ‘treachery’

By Laura Pullman for the Every day Mail
Published: 21:09 BST, 5 May 2012 | Updated: 02:00 BST, 6 May 2012
As a Naval force SEAL sniper, Brian Leonard Creekmur valiantly confronted fear mongers in battle to ensure his nation and, at one time, served in the same group that murdered Osama Container Loaded last year – or, on the other hand so he claimed.

Creekmur unashamedly utilized his military medals, memorabilia what’s more, status as ‘one of the most gifted expert riflemen of his era’ to inspire the women after evidently resigning from more than two decades as a SEAL.
But presently he has been uncovered as a counterfeit who has never been in the Naval force at all – let alone stood out as a legend who was one of the pre-eminent split shots of his era.

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Exposed: Brian Leonard Creekmur asserted that he had served for more than two decades as a Naval force SEAL – yet has presently been uncovered as a fake
The stunning disclosures were made at the point when one lady moved toward becoming suspicious of Creekmur’s claims, which he was making in a offer to charm her over the internet.

He told the unidentified lady he cherished her, sent her genuine bequest postings recommending homes they could share, and, of course, told her that he was a resigned Naval force SEAL.
But at the point when she found nothing to back up his gloats on the internet, she reached a resigned SEAL, Wear Shipley, who uncovered Creekmur as a extortion who had never been a SEAL.
In a month-long examination into Creekmur, News Channel 3 found that there were no military records to bolster Creekmur’s story that he had battled in SEAL Group 2 and, afterward on in Seal Group 6. 
Elaborate: Creekmur took broad measures to make his story conceivable counting filling his New Pullover home with various Naval force SEAL uniforms
Busted: Creekmur bragged to ladies on the web that he had served as a Naval force SEAL expert rifleman what’s more, appeared off his ‘medals’ what’s more, memorabilia in his New Shirt home
Although one lady on the web did not accept him, others have fallen for Creekmur’s tale, counting CNN columnists he routinely reached to offer up his military conclusions what’s more, (so-called) expertise.

And at the point when Creekmur tweeted CNN journalist Soledad O’Brien about a passing he had seen in combat, she re-tweeted it to her 140,000-plus followers, concurring to News Channel 3.

Creekmur took broad measures to make his story conceivable counting filling his New Pullover home with various Naval force SEAL uniforms, military awards what’s more, plaques. 
He indeed posted pictures of the memorabilia, purportedly gathered over two decades serving as a Naval force Unique Operator, on his Facebook page.

After his gloats were uncovered as lies, agents found that Creekmur had utilized the continue of a veritable resigned Naval force SEAL called Steven Matulewicz, who served for Group 2 what’s more, Group 6.

In reality Creekmur enrolled in the Armed force in 1984 what’s more, was quickly advanced to Master some time recently being released in 1990 at the rank of Private To begin with Class.  
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