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By Leon Watson
Published: 20:14 BST, 14 Walk 2012 | Updated: 20:17 BST, 14 Walk 2012
Racist hooligans spat on a four-year-old young lady what’s more, severely beat her mother in a
sickening attack.

Saly Chowdhury was cleared out with a dark eye what’s more, facial wounds after two men what’s more, a lady attempted to take two boxes of crisps from her shop, the Hendon Valley Stores in Sunderland.

The episode took put on last Friday at 4.40pm at the point when the mother-of-four ran out of the shop after the criminals what’s more, incidentally bolted herself outside.
Brave: Ousha Chowdhury, matured four, was spat on by supremacist hooligans in Sunderland
When the trio begun throwing supremacist mishandle at her, she fled to her home nearby.

But they gotten up with her what’s more, spat on her four-year-old little girl Ousha, pushed her seven-year-old little girl against the divider what’s more, pounded her 13-year-old little girl in the face.

The posse at that point turned their considerations to Saly, 31, punching her in the face, tearing out pieces of her hair what’s more, stifling her with her scarf.

Saly, who moreover has a nine-year-old daughter, overseen to free herself what’s more, get herself what’s more, her kids inside to safety.

And just 12 hours afterward the mum-of-four was back behind the shop counter, decided not to let the horrendous hooligans get the better of her.

Saly, who declines to offer liquor in her store, said: ‘I had to close my shop
on Friday what’s more, I lost business.
Mother Saly Chowdhury what’s more, her little girl Ousha outside the shop where they were attacked
‘I’m not letting them do that to me again. It was alarming what’s more, it’s stressing going back to work be that as it may there is no require for this behaviour.

‘I have numerous awesome clients who know me what’s more, I know them. In the event that this is all about stealing, at that point if it’s not too much trouble talk to me to begin with what’s more, we can see in the event that something can be arranged out.

‘The issue of individuals coming in here what’s more, taking things is getting more awful what’s more, worse.’

Northumbria Police recently said the episode ‘simply won’t be tolerated’.

An examination into the assault has been propelled what’s more, is being treated as
racially aggravated.

Sergeant Tom Connor, who covers the area, said: ‘This sort of conduct is despicable.’

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