Blunkett’s double breach of code on ministers’ jobs

By Loot Cooper
Updated: 02:18 BST, 17 February 2012
Gazing into the submerged camera, this panther seal may look cute yet it is a savage predator that has an creature side too.
Moments after this picture was captured, it grabs an Adelie penguin what’s more, eats it down in Antarctica.
The noteworthy pictures are part of a new book being distributed by an award-winning cameraman who has caught film in a few of the world’s most remote locations.
Adorable: A panther seal looks into the camera with its prey – an Adelie penguin – above it

Swallowed: The predator grabs the penguin what’s more, eats it in Antarctica in pictures caught by natural life picture taker Doug Allan
Doug Allan has delivered work for BBC natural life arrangement Blue Planet, Planet Earth, Life, Human Planet, Sea Goliaths what’s more, Solidified Planet.
The cameraman has spent 35 a long time taking noteworthy pictures in the Antarctic what’s more, Ice Oceans.
Doug’s book Solidify Outline is accessible from for £25.
Cameraman: Doug Allan shooting under ocean ice in Lancaster Sound, Ice Canada. He has been doing the work for the last 35 years

Natural world: Sovereign penguins return to rookery from nourishing at ocean in Antarctica in Doug’s new book Solidified In Time

Basking in the sunlight: Two walrus in Greenland roost on the ice

F-f-f-f-freezing: Cameraman Doug Allan shooting an Sovereign Penguin settlement in Antarctica

Argument: Two youthful male Polar Bears go paw-to-paw as they fight in Hudson Bay, Churchill, Canada

Preparing to take flight: A meandering gooney bird folds its wings on Fledgling Island, South Georgia, Antarctica

Chilly: An Sovereign Penguin jumps out of the ocean what’s more, onto ice in Antarctica. The picture is one of thousands caught by Doug Allan amid a 35-year career

Nap time: A harp seal pup droops on the ice in St Lawrence Gulf, Canada
Perky what’s more, perkier: Two Adelie penguins – chick what’s more, parent – in Angle Island, Antarctic Peninsula

Emperor Penguins swim submerged in Antarctica

Deep ocean dive: Sovereign Penguins dive profound into the cool waters of Antarctica in this noteworthy picture which catches life under the water

On edge: Doug Allan taping Beluga whales gotten in an ice gap in Canada

C-c-c-c-chilly: Sovereign Penguin guys clustering together for warmth in short 40 degrees centigrade in Antarctica
Ice age: Gentoo penguins stood on a monster chunk of ice in the Weddell Sea, Antarctica

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