Heartache of the wife dumped by our man in Kabul: Envoy ‘has baby with lover’

By Loot Cooper
Updated: 20:18 BST, 5 January 2012
A senior Taliban leader has been murdered in a strike by English assault helicopters, the Armed force said.
A representative said the passing came as powers looked for to upset guerilla action in the Kopak district of Nahr-e Saraj, Helmand Province, Afghanistan.

Dubbed Operation Kapcha Shkar Kawel, or, on the other hand ‘Cobra Hunt’, the mission saw more than 40 marksmen from D Organization 5th Contingent the Rifles what’s more, Afghan security powers set out to disturb the insurrection what’s more, assemble knowledge on Taliban pioneers in the area.
Shot down: The Taliban Officer was hit by a Hellfire Rocket from a English Apache helicopter in Helmand Province
After two hours Taliban warriors started to fire on the troops.
One of the warriors was followed by an Apache gunship, what’s more, at the point when he opened fire the Apache answered with a Hellfire missile.
The 5 Rifles troopers what’s more, the Afghan armed force troops were at that point capable to wrap up their mission what’s more, assemble essential insight amid the operation in mid-December.
It was afterward found that the extremist murdered in the Apache strike was a senior leader in the nearby area.
Captain Ben Worley, 30, who arranges infantry on the ground, said: ‘An guerilla of this bore is hard to find, what’s more, this has been a conclusive blow to the insurrection here.’
In the past two months, the joined powers have pushed the insurrection out of the Babaji zone of the district, making a difference the Afghan police to manufacture new checkpoints what’s more, cut off courses utilized by guerillas to invade the range what’s more, increment security.
Now the English warriors what’s more, the Afghan powers have given over duty for security for Babaji to Afghan police what’s more, are turning their consideration to the Kopak which has been respected as an guerilla ‘safe haven’.
Bombardier Joe Harris, 23, a strategic air controller who is mindful for the coordination of air resources in the area, said: ‘We had followed this fellow for a few time some time recently at long last getting into position to strike.
‘It was a help to at last get him as he had been terminating at our fellows on the ground what’s more, could have caused casualties.’
Major Chris Bisset, Armed force Air Corps, Officer Telling the UK Apache Squadron based in Wattisham, Suffolk, said: ‘This is a great illustration of why the Apache assault helicopter is conveyed to bolster troops on the ground in Afghanistan.’

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