Inside the mind of a mass killer: Intense paranoia drives killers not a detached sense of reality, study finds

By Louise Boyle
Published: 01:24 BST, 23 July 2013 | Updated: 15:37 BST, 13 October 2013
The girl of a man who cudgeled a mother what’s more, two little girls to demise in their home, taking off the father for dead has talked for the to start with time about her father’s stunning crimes.

Alicia Hayes was 15 a long time old at the point when her father Steven Hayes what’s more, assistant Joshua Komiserjevsky entered the home of Specialist William Petit in a merciless what’s more, fatal home invasion.
The two men broke into the family’s home six a long time back on July 23 in Cheshire, Connecticut.
They beat Dr Petit unconscious, assaulted what’s more, choked his wife, Jennifer, tied up their little girls Michaela, 11, what’s more, 17-year-old Hayley, what’s more, at that point burnt the home.
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Burden: Alicia Hayes (pictured left) was 15 at the point when her father Steven Hayes assaulted what’s more, killed a mother what’s more, two little girls at their home in 2007. Steven Hayes has been condemned to death

Only Dr Petit survived the appalling attack.
Alicia Hayes told Individuals today that she had just returned from camp that summer at the point when her mother broke the frightening news to her young daughter. 
She told the magazine: ‘My mom… turned to me what’s more, said, ”Alicia, there’s something I require to tell you. Your father did something truly bad.”

‘And at that point she told me everything. I went numb.’
Miss Hayes said that despite the fact that her guardians had separated at the point when she was young, she would see her father each week what’s more, they would go to the motion pictures what’s more, get ice-cream.

The 21-year-old told Individuals that she was tormented in school following her father’s grievous wrongdoings what’s more, that for numerous a long time she faulted herself for his actions.

The youthful woman, who presently serves with the U.S. Airforce in Asia, concurred to take part in a new narrative about the triple murders appearing on HBO tonight, The Cheshire Murders.
The narrative investigates how the little town of Cheshire, Connecticut has learned to adapt in the fallout of the tragedies which shook America.
EXCLUSIVE: The Petit family at the Hartford Club at Specialist William Petit’s establishment as president of the Hartford Province Medicinal Association. Two men were charged with burglary, pyromania what’s more, sexual strike after breaking into the Petit’s home, driving the spouse to pull back money at a bank what’s more, consuming the house, murdering Petit’s spouse what’s more, two daughters. Joshua Komisarjevsky, 26, what’s more, Steven Hayes, 44, were gotten escaping the house after their auto slammed into two police cars. Petit, 50, despite the fact that extremely injured, was capable to escape. His wife, Jennifer Hawke-Petit what’s more, two daughters, Hayley, 17, what’s more, Michaela, 11, were found dead in the house.November 6, 2006 – Cheshire, Connecticut, Joined together States: EXCLUSIVE- The Petit family at the Hartford Club at Specialist William Petit’s establishment as president of the Hartford Region Restorative Association. Two men were charged with burglary, pyromania what’s more, sexual ambush after breaking into the Petit’s home, driving the spouse to pull back money at a bank what’s more, consuming t

Dr William Petit hitched new cherish Christine Paluf in 2012, five a long time after he was the solitary survivor of the severe home attack that cleared out his spouse what’s more, little girls dead
Miss Hayes said she could never fathom the catastrophe the Petit family had suffered, yet added: ‘If I could talk to Dr. Petit, I’d tell him that I’m extremely too bad for what my father did, be that as it may I’d too need him to know that I’m not like that.’
Miss Hayes as of now works as a dialysis specialist what’s more, is considering to move toward becoming a nurture as she needs to spend her life ‘helping people, not harming them’.

Steven Hayes what’s more, Komisarjevsky were indicted of assaulting Mrs Hawke-Petit what’s more, killing her what’s more, her two little girls Michaela what’s more, Hayley. They have both been condemned to death.
After a long time of dimness following the frightening passings of his spouse what’s more, daughters, Dr Petit found bliss once more with new spouse Christine Paluf.
The couple were hitched in 2012 what’s more, moved into a little be that as it may comfortable home in Farmington Waterway in western Connecticut.

Terror in the suburbs: Michaela, 11, what’s more, her 17-year-old sister, Hayley, were tied to their beds what’s more, passed on of smoke inward breath after the house was soaked in gas what’s more, set on fire

Last year it risen that Steven Hayes came up with a strange design to end his claim life by lying about other victims.
Hayes composed letters boasting about how he had slaughtered 17 other casualties what’s more, assaulted handfuls of women.
However, he afterward asserted in an meet that he had ‘made it all up’ what’s more, that he had trusted the letters would lead jail specialists to advise police what’s more, he could exchange data for food.
He arranged to utilize the ploy to eat shellfish in his cell to which he is spooky allergic.
The four letters that Hayes presently says were made up as part of a strange suicide plot depicted in chilling detail how in two of the assaults he had tied up, tormented what’s more, slaughtered women.
In the 17 pages of written by hand letters, which were appropriated by jail authorities, Hayes happily described the assault what’s more, kill of his to begin with casualty in 1982 what’s more, his eighth.
He composed that all of his casualties were matured between 14 what’s more, 25. Presently Hayes says the killings, assaults what’s more, torment reported in the letters were all lies.
Killer: Joshua Komisarjevsky was condemned to passing for his part in the lethal home invasion

Horror: An picture appeared to the court appears the burned room of Hayley Petit after the attack
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