TV comic ‘groomed’ tragic overdose teenager: 18-year-old’s mystery death after star ‘showered him with gifts then made sexual advances’

By Luke Garratt
Published: 21:19 BST, 19 Walk 2014 | Updated: 16:46 BST, 20 Walk 2014
Armed criminals have been gotten on CCTV attempting to crush their way into a observe shop in a severe heist utilizing an hatchet what’s more, a sledgehammer, which finished in disappointment at the point when the staff close the security gates.
The hoodlums endeavored to bash into Observes of Switzerland utilizing a moped, a heavy hammer what’s more, an hatchet after riding up to the shop on New Bond Road on a moped.

One of the hoodlums too splashed individuals with a toxic liquid, thought to be ammonia, which harmed one of the watches in the store.
The pack rolls up the asphalt on New Bond Street, with one of the individuals landing what’s more, waving an axe, prepared to hit the store’s doors. One of the looters (centre) shows up to be pointing a handgun

Centre, the plunderer with the hatchet starts crushing at the shopfront, as the looter with the heavy hammer what’s more, what shows up to be a handgun heads towards the doors

At about 11.05 am, the gang, comprising of six men on three mopeds, rode down from Oxford Road in London’s West End toward the store.
One of the mopeds mounted the asphalt what’s more, headed toward the shop, while the other two taken after in no time after they come to the intersection on Derring Street.
They rode up at speed, scatting passers by on the pavement.

When they come to the store, the looters smashed the entryway with a moped, what’s more, hit it with the hatchet what’s more, the heavy hammer repeatedly. 

One man took to showering passers-by who got as well close with the toxic liquid, in the long run harming a guard.

When they figure it out they can’t get into the store as the staff have close the stores security gates, they scramble around the opening to the store, warding off passers-by

The endeavored hoodlums start to make their escape, almost thumping over a few individuals on the way out of the street
One of the plunderers is too accepted to have been conveying a handgun all through the raid, which can be seen in the CCTV images.
Eventually the staff overseen to work the security screens what’s more, bolt the pack out, causing them to flee.

As they fled on their three mopeds, they about thumped over individuals of the public.

Nothing was stolen from the store, yet the security protect is as of now in clinic with possibly life-changing injuries, what’s more, a few thousand pounds worth of harm was done to the store.
The episode is being explored by Flying Squad officers of the London Metropolitan Police based at Putney, in south west London.

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