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Updated: 20:35 BST, 14 September 2011
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When you’ve been prohibited from a plane for diminishing yourself in the walkway in full see of other passengers, you’ve got a few clarifying to do.
So Gerard Depardieu picked a way trodden by numerous a disgraced star some time recently him by going on Television to attempt to make the best of his indiscretion.
France’s most celebrated film star said he had been edgy to reply the call of nature at the point when the CityJet plane taking him to Dublin last month was still on the runway in Paris.
Baffled: Gerard Depardieu talked to CNN about his inflight indiscretion
But a flight chaperon blocked the latrine entryway with her foot what’s more, requested him back to his seat, the 62-year-old on-screen character said.
He argued with her, yet at the point when she still refused, he acquired an exhaust water bottle from a companion what’s more, diminished himself.
In broken English he told have Anderson Cooper on CNN: ‘It was so beautiful. I’m not a monster. I’m just a man who needs to pee.’

Unfortunately, the bottle at that point flooded because, as he clarified with a laugh: ‘I am an elephant . . . I have a part of pee’.
‘I don’t get it why she blocked the door,’ he added.

The Green Card star said he had advertised to clean it up.The plane was postponed for two hours while staff cleaned the mess.
The on-screen character was on board a Dublin-based City Stream flight on his way to Ireland for the recording of Asterix what’s more, Obelix: God Spare Britannia, at the point when the episode happened last month.
The Air France Avro RJ85 was taxi-ing to the runway at the point when Depardieu was gotten short
Depardieu was prohibited from getting back on board at the point when it was prepared to take off once more what’s more, he had to take a afterward flight to Dublin.
Asked on the off chance that he was tanked at the time what’s more, in the event that there was ‘any wine involved’, the actor, who co-owns a vineyard, replied: ‘No’.
His companion what’s more, on-screen character Edouard Baer, who was voyaging with him, said afterwards: ‘Gerard is extremely too bad for what happened.
‘He needed to go to the toilet, yet he was prohibited since we were about to take off, so he was constrained to do it on the plane in front of everybody. He was stone-cold calm at the time.’
The award-winning on-screen character was voted France’s third most bothering VIP in a 2010 poll, behind To begin with Woman Carla Bruni what’s more, film star Alain Delon.
Depardieu himself conceded prior this year that he could ‘often carry on like a finish a***hole’ in public.
Iconic: Gerard Depardieu featured in the 1990 film Cyrano de Bergerac
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