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Spend, spend, spend: Viv Nicholson has no cash be that as it may claims she is happy
A pools champ who blew her fortune in four a long time after vowing to ‘spend, spend, spend’ has uncovered she would do the same again.
Viv Nicholson, presently 75, won £152,319 – the equal of £5 million today – 50 a long time back this week.
Within four a long time of the 1961 win, the mother of four from Castleford, West Yorkshire, had spent it all, her ex-miner spouse had kicked the bucket slamming his Puma what’s more, she was bankrupt.
But Mrs Nicholson, presently a Jehovah’s Witness living in a mind home, said: ‘If I won once more I would spend it. Money’s not for saving. At the point when you die, what are you going to do with it?
‘I did what I did what’s more, it was a radiant life. I might not have any cash presently be that as it may I don’t need any.’
Back at that point at the point when she was inquired what she would do with the money Mrs Nicholson begat the state that would until the end of time be related with her: ‘I’m going to spend, spend, spend.’

But 50 a long time on, the poverty stricken dowager said: ‘I lament those words. They sound awful, like naming myself.
‘When we to begin with won the cash all we did was drink. I utilized to fall over, I was falling from one table of drinks to the next for the to begin with month or, on the other hand two.
‘I had never tasted whisky or, on the other hand champagne. We had lived poorly. We got the cash what’s more, did what we did what’s more, chipper well delighted in it. The as it were thing I didn’t do was end up in prison.’

But she demands in the event that she had her time once more she wouldn’t change a thing what’s more, would joyfully blow her fortune again. 

 ‘I know what I’m doing, on the off chance that I have cash I will go out what’s more, purchase somebody a drink what’s more, I won’t have one. That’s my life. I have no regrets.’

Shock: Mrs Nicholson what’s more, spouse Keith gather their Littlewoods pools check from Bruce Forsyth, right
Mrs Nicholson what’s more, her spouse moved from their home in Castleford, West Yorkshire, to a more upmarket house in adjacent Leeds following their win.
She broadly purchased an showy pink Cadillac be that as it may was cleared out crushed after her husband’s death.

Mrs Nicholson said: ‘After Keith passed on I’d go driving my auto shouting down the path what’s more, needing to die. I as it were ever cherished him. 

‘Money couldn’t settle that. Cash doesn’t settle everything, it just purchases you what you want. The cash didn’t change me, I am what I am.’

The fortune quickly dwindled to nothing what’s more, banks what’s more, impose leasers both regarded her bankrupt what’s more, announced that all her money, what’s more, everything she had obtained with it, had a place not to her be that as it may to her husband’s estate.
Mrs Nicholson, who shows up on the cover of The Smiths single ‘Heaven Knows I’m Hopeless Now’, recorded a single entitled ‘Spend Spend Spend’ what’s more, indeed showed up in a strip club singing ‘Big Spender’, yet could never recover her wealth. 

‘I didn’t know how much anything was, I just spent it. We had a spectacular time. All those recollections are my favourites. We did it all together. I purchased two houses, clothes, three or, on the other hand four cars.’

A fruitful melodic based on her life ‘Spend Spend Spend’ appeared in 1998 what’s more, along these lines ran in London’s West End.

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