Under fire, NASCAR champion Tony Stewart goes into hiding following fatal crash. His private $6million plane stops in hometown for luggage and takes off to parts unknown and sheriff says they’re ‘still investigating’

By Martin Gould In Columbus, Indiana for MailOnline
Published: 18:43 BST, 13 Eminent 2014 | Updated: 00:36 BST, 14 Regal 2014
NASCAR whiz Tony Stewart has gone into stowing away after the end of the week crash that slaughtered individual driver Kevin Ward Jr in a dash auto race in upstate New York.

Stewart’s private plane flew into his main residence of Columbus, Indiana, on Monday what’s more, baggage was stacked on to it what’s more, it at that point flew out again, airplane terminal executive Brian Payne told MailOnline.

Stewart is ‘staying with friends’, his team’s representative Mike Arning said. He still has made no choice on at the point when to return to racing.
‘It was as it were here 10 or, on the other hand 15 minutes,’ said Payne. ‘I don’t know regardless of whether Stewart was on board, yet he absolutely did not get off.’

Payne would not say where the plane was headed. Concurring to the website FlightAware which takes after the developments of private planes, Stewart’s 10-seater Dassault-Breguet Bird of prey 50, plane which can cost $6million or, on the other hand more, can’t be followed freely ‘per ask from the owner/operator’.

County sheriff Philip C. Povero reported his office will proceed the examination into Kevin Ward Jr’s stunning demise for at slightest two more weeks.

‘Investigators proceed to look for witnesses, accumulate confirm what’s more, create circuit crash reconstruction,’ Povero said.
Kevin Ward Sr told Syracuse.com that his child was dressed in an orange what’s more, dark suit with fluorescent stripes down the sides that shined under the lights.
‘Apparently, Tony Stewart was the as it were one driving out there who didn’t see him,’ he said.
Stewart’s choice to vanish from open see too comes as feedback for his part in Saturday’s mishap that slaughtered 20-year-old racer Kevin Ward Jr. at the Canandaigua Motorsports Stop has warmed up.
Many fans fault Stewart, 43, for the passing indeed despite the fact that Ward had strolled along the track to stand up to the more established driver after being constrained off the track.

Even in his home state feelings are divided. Sway Kravitz, a writer for the Indianapolis Star, was incredulous about Stewart’s claims of innocence.

‘Ultimately, as it were Tony Stewart knows regardless of whether he incidentally or, then again unshakably ran over what’s more, murdered Kevin Ward Jr,’ Kravitz wrote.

‘If it was an accident, what’s more, we incline toward to accept that’s the case, he will be capable to live with himself, despite the fact that the memory will remain with him always.
‘If he was overcome by seethe what’s more, did less than his best to evade the 20-year-old Ward, Jr., he will have to live with that chaotic lie the rest of his characteristic life.’

Stewart’s as it were remark on the catastrophe was to issue a explanation on Sunday saying: ‘There aren’t words to depict the trouble I feel about the mishap that took the life of Kevin Ward Jr. It’s a exceptionally passionate time for all involved…. My musings what’s more, supplications are with his family, companions what’s more, everybody influenced by this tragedy.’

But indeed that explanation was assaulted by Ward’s close relative Wendi Ward who snidely tweeted the message ‘Thanks for considering of our family Tony Stewart at the point when you chosen to be a d—k!’

Authorities are looking at two partitioned recordings of the episode taken by fans at Canandaigua. They show up to appear Stewart quickening as he came close to Ward, who was wearing dull clothing. He hit the more youthful driver with his raise right tire pulling him underneath the auto what’s more, at that point tossing him in the air. Ward passed on of monstrous limit injury to the head, an post-mortem examination found.

The mishap happened around 10.30 pm. Stewart’s camp has asserted the driver did not see him, yet another driver, Paul Kinney, told NBC News: ‘Only Tony knows precisely what happened. I seen Kevin clear as day. No one else ran into him, either.’ 
Sheriff Philip Povero of Ontario County, which covers Canandaigua, said no criminal charges are pending against three-time NASCAR Run Glass champion Stewart, yet examinations were continuing. He said Stewart had been collaborating with authorities,

Stewart, whose hot-headeness on the circuit has brought him armies of both given fans what’s more, obstinate foes, lives in a 15,700 sq. ft. custom-built 6-bedroom, 12-bath log lodge compound outside Columbus, Indiana, the town in which he developed up.

The website of the organization that manufactured the house on Youth Camp Street says: ‘From the minute one pulls up to the log home what’s more, parks under the porte cochére, they will take note the massive measure of the home highlighted by a custom three layered holding divider built of extensive characteristic stone rocks to the west. A stream what’s more, lake tying into a new water angle aquarium will wrap around the awesome room to a two-story picture window with a see of Stewart’s lake, all of which permit Stewart to appreciate his enthusiasm for nature year round.

The lower level is outlined to engage visitors through different eye getting amenities. As one plunges down the bended log staircase encased by a characteristic shake wall, they will enter a huge bar room with billiards, rearrange board, various televisions, what’s more, two dashing show cases flanking an Indy auto hung on the wall. On low key nights, Tony Stewart what’s more, his visitors may lean toward to observe a motion picture in the media room or, on the other hand play poker in the card room.’

But Stewart — who has never hitched what’s more, has no kids — is presently remaining far from the compound, which too incorporates a rocking the bowling alley rear way what’s more, elevator.

He has still to choose regardless of whether to contend in this weekend’s NASCAR occasion at the Michigan Global Speedway. ‘He will have as much time as he needs to make that decision,’ said Arning. ‘It is still an enthusiastic time for all involved, Tony included.

‘He is lamenting what’s more, despondency doesn’t have a timetable.’

Stewart’s future could still be in question on the off chance that his supports – counting Mobil, Coca Cola what’s more, auto dealership J.D. Byrider – choose to forsake him to keep their names away from controversy. All are checking the situation.

‘Even in the event that he’s cleared of any wrongdoing, it’s questionable how numerous partnerships would need a smiling Stewart pitching their items after this sort of tragedy,’ Slate reports.

Many dashing fans are assaulting him for his actions. On Stewart’s possess Facebook page, a man recognizing himself as ‘King Joe Shearer’ wrote: ‘Watch the video…you hear Stewart rev his engine…it looks like homicide.’

Another fan, Lucian Hughes, added: That was no mistake, that was Tony being his regular pigheaded self what’s more, wasn’t gone let a few kid appear him up what’s more, it cost Ward his life what’s more, Tony his career.’

But he too got bounty of support. Kathy Neal wrote: ‘Tony, if you don’t mind do not tune in the negative individuals out there, You did nothing wrong, you were just in the off-base put at the off-base time. Get back in the auto what’s more, race, put this behind you what’s more, move on.’

And Patrick Moore added: Lesson is – Don’t run around on a live track. It was sad that the fellow got so close to Tony what’s more, got hit be that as it may don’t fault Tony for somebody else’s mistake.’

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