Daycare workers arrested after they ‘refused to get treatment for toddler with third degree burns’ and told his mother he was suffering from a BUG BITE

By Michael Zennie
Published: 23:04 BST, 24 June 2014 | Updated: 15:41 BST, 25 June 2014
When Megan Seabolt spotted red marks on her 16-month-old son’s leg after she picked him up from daycare last week, the boy’s guardians told her it was just a rash from a bug chomp – nothing to stress about.
When the marks got more regrettable what’s more, not better, the Gainesville, Georgia, mother took little Damon to the hospital, where specialists analyzed him with second-and-third degree burns  on his leg what’s more, stomach what’s more, hurried him a serious mind at a consume unit.

Police have presently captured the proprietor of the daycare, Finding Basics, as well as her little girl what’s more, one worker on charges that they declined to get treatment for Damon what’s more, at that point attempted to cover up that the damage ever happened.

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For about eight hours on June 13, the kid mulled without restorative treatment what’s more, as it were topical consume balm to treat the serious wounds he received, WSB-TV reports.

An lawyer for Ms Seabolt says Damon could have scars for the rest of his life.

On Monday police captured Finding essentials proprietor Minnie ‘Sue’ Dupree what’s more, daughter, Tara Miller, the daycare director. Last Friday, appointees too busted Eddye Pittmon, 55.

Pittmon what’s more, Mill operator are charged with youngster cruelty. Dupree faces a lesser charge, witness tampering, for professedly attempting to cover up her employees’ actions.

Mike Weaver, Ms Seabolt’s attorney, said he accept the consumes could have come from a pot of bubbling water that the daycare keeps to warm up bottles.

‘When a infant is in childcare the entirety point of the mind part is for them to be taken mind of,’ Ms Seabolt told WXIA-TV.

‘By the time I got to the hospital, there was no skin cleared out on his leg.’
The Consume Focus at Specialists Healing center in Augusta joined skin onto the burns, in spite of the fact that Damon has a long street to recovery.
Lawyers for Ms Pittmon denied that Damon was consumed at the daycare what’s more, pointed the finger at Ms Seabolt – what’s more, the 30 minutes that slipped by between the time she picked him up what’s more, the time that she took him to the hospital.

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