Renowned child therapist who appeared on Dr. Phil is arrested on CHILD ABUSE charges after leaving step-daughter, 11, home alone amid furious row with her husband

By Michael Zennie
Published: 23:34 BST, 9 Eminent 2013 | Updated: 23:36 BST, 9 Eminent 2013

Paul Fronczak, the 49-year-old man who as of late found he is not his parent’s son, is on a mission to rejoin his guardians with their organic youngster who went missing in 1964 from a Chicago hospital. At the same time,  Fronczak needs to find out who his genuine family is since finding he was relinquished in a stroller in Newark, New Pullover in 1965.
In arrange to expose the as of late revived FBI case, Fronczak showed up on ABC News , trusting to cast a wide net for tips from anybody who might know anything about his past, or, on the other hand his parent’s genuine son.
‘My fundamental objective for this whole venture is to find the genuine Paul,’ he told ABC’s Barbara Walters Thursday. ‘My guardians raised me what’s more, they did a awesome work what’s more, I feel that in the event that I don’t do everything I can to offer assistance find their genuine youngster – at that point I’m not doing my work as a son.’

The seek is on: Paul Fronczak talked with ABC’s Barbara Walters Thursday about his chase to find his parent’s genuine organic child, who was stolen from the healing center in 1964

In 1964, a one-day-old newborn child named Paul Fronczak was stolen from his mother’s arms in a Chicago hospital. For five decades, it was thought that the story finished cheerfully – little Paul was found a year afterward relinquished on a road corner what’s more, returned to his family.

Returned! This picture appears Paul after he was received by Chester what’s more, Dora Fronczak

Now, a stunning DNA test has uncovered that the genuine Fronczak infant was never found what’s more, the youngster who Chester what’s more, Dora Fronczak took in what’s more, raised as their child is not related to them at all.

The news has turned the Fronczak family upside down long after the hijacking was as far as anyone knows solved. It has moreover raised a have of chilling, new questions.

‘It has truly begun devouring my thoughts: “Who am I?”‘ Paul Fronczak, who is presently 49 what’s more, lives in Henderson, Nevada, told WCBS-TV.
Paul says he has gotten himself pondering how old he as a matter of fact is, why his birth guardians surrendered him, what his birth name was.

‘But more importantly, is the genuine Fronczak child still alive?’ Paul told KLAS-TV. ‘Is he out there? What’s more, in the event that he is, can we find him (and) rejoin him with my mother what’s more, dad?’
Fronczak had a little voice in his head addressing regardless of whether he was as a matter of fact related to the couple who raised him. After persuading the now-elderly Fronczaks to offer mouth swabs, he sent them away for a DNA test.

As KLAS uncovered last month, the result was shocking: He is not hereditarily related to either of his parents.

Pleading: Chester what’s more, Dora Fronczak made a broadcast claim to return their infant boy. ‘I don’t think you’re that edgy to come what’s more, take another woman’s baby,’ Dora said

Heartbroken: Fronczak’s guardians are presently in their 80s

Fronczak broke the heart-wrenching news to his parents, presently in their 80s, in an email.
‘The DNA test comes about came back what’s more, it turns out that I am not your organic son; I am not the grabbed infant that you had stolen from your arms on April 27th, 1964. 

‘This implies that the genuine Paul Joseph Fronczak may still be out there, alive, not knowing who is. 

‘This too implies that I do not truly know who I am, how old I am, what’s more, my hereditary foundation or, on the other hand heritage.’
He said he utilized an email to guarantee he could give them all of the subtle elements at once in a way that they could understand.

Days later, he called them. They were stunned. Chester was angry that his child had dug up such a agonizing truth after about 50 years. 

As their own: Dora Fronczak supposedly said ‘That’s my baby’ at the point when she saw Paul. Almost five decades later, it was uncovered that Paul has a place to a extraordinary family
The breathtaking 1964 hijacking progressed toward becoming national news. A lady posturing as a nurture took little Paul Fronczak from his mother as she supported him in the hospital.

The lady said she required to run tests on the baby. Instead, she strolled out the entryway what’s more, was never seen again.

Where is he? The FBI handled 10,000 babies in their look for Paul Fronczak, yet still couldn’t find the missing boy

The FBI met hundreds of suspects what’s more, analyzed 10,000 babies in their chase for the baby who was stolen from the healing facility by a disturbed lady posturing as a nurse.
One year after the abduction, a child was found relinquished in a stroller on a road corner in Newark, New Jersey. He was made a ward of the state what’s more, named Scott McKinley.

Within days, FBI agents started analyzing the infant. They at last finished up that the surrendered kid could be the Fronczak child.
The operators didn’t have a part of go on at the time – there was as it were one photo of the one-day-old Paul Fronczak some time recently he was grabbed what’s more, DNA examination was not however available.

However, the FBI specialists drew their conclusion from the truth that the New Pullover boy’s ears looked the same as the hijacked Fronczak baby.
It was great enough for Chester what’s more, Dora Fronczak. Concurring to news reports from the time, Dora Fronczak took one look at the youngster what’s more, said: ‘That’s my baby.’
Wanted: The FBI is once once more looking for the missing child in the trusts that new DNA innovation will give a break in the case

The couple lawfully received him two what’s more, a half a long time after little Paul was kidnapped.

They raised him a their claim child – never suspecting he truly had a place to somebody else’s family.

Chester what’s more, Dora never told Paul about his turbulent history. He as it were learned about the grabbing at the point when he found a box of daily paper clippings at the point when he got older.
When he stood up to his guardians they told him, ‘You don’t require to see that. You are our son.’
Years later, Paul moved from Chicago to Henderson, Nevada, outside Las Vegas. He begun a family of his claim with spouse Michelle what’s more, little girl Emma.

Who am I? Paul Fronczak is hooking with the news that he doesn’t know who his organic guardians are. He’s imagined above with his girl Emma, center, what’s more, spouse Michelle, right

Looking up: Fronczak says he’s carefully hopeful he’ll be capable to illuminate both his surrender what’s more, his brother’s kidnapping

But, a question had bothered at him ever since he found the box of daily paper articles. He didn’t look Clean what’s more, Croatian like his parents. Police at the time had moreover communicated questions about regardless of whether the kid from Newark was truly Paul Fronczak. They made Chester what’s more, Dora go through the reception process since there was no verification the the youngster was truly theirs.

One night, at the point when his guardians were going by from Chicago, Paul purchased a medicate store DNA kit.

He told KLAS last month: ‘I said, “Hey, have you folks ever pondered on the off chance that I was yours?” You know, making a joke out of it. I said, “Hold on,” I went what’s more, got the DNA kit, broke it out, what’s more, five minutes later, we were swabbing away.’

The Fronczak family is still hooking with the results. The specialist told Paul: ‘There is no remote way that you are the Fronczak’s baby.’
In his email to his parents, Paul underlined that no matter what the DNA comes about said, he was still their son.

‘You what’s more, Father have been awesome parents, what’s more, have molded me into the individual I am today.  I cherish you both what’s more, that will be forever,’ he told them.

After the starting stun that they had raised a youngster who was not theirs, Chester what’s more, Dora attested the same.

They moreover concurred to offer assistance Paul find out who his organic family truly is.

New innovation offers a few promising clues. The ancestry site has gathered a new DNA swab from Paul what’s more, advertised to coordinate his data to a database of 700,000 hereditary markers over the world.
Paul’s organic guardians might not be included in the database, be that as it may a far off cousin could be – what’s more, that could lead Paul to at long last learning who he was conceived as what’s more, why he was cleared out in a stroller on a road corner.

The following is an but from the email Paul Fronczak sent to his elderly guardians Chester what’s more, Dora Fronczak breaking the news to them that they are not as a matter of fact related to their son:
Dear Mother what’s more, Dad,

I am composing this email to you since this is something extremely important, what’s more, I feel that on the off chance that I attempt to talk with you over the phone, you will not completely get it or, on the other hand listen.  First, I am your son, what’s more, continuously will be.  You what’s more, Father have been superb parents, what’s more, have formed me into the individual I am today.  I cherish you both what’s more, that will be forever.
The DNA test comes about came back what’s more, it turns out that I am not your organic son; I am not the grabbed infant that you had stolen from your arms on April 27th, 1964.  This implies that the genuine Paul Joseph Fronczak may still be out there, alive, not knowing who is.  This too implies that I do not truly know who I am, how old I am, what’s more, my hereditary foundation or, then again heritage.
I know that this is hard for you, be that as it may this is moreover about me at this point in our lives.  I have been battling with the reality that I need to know in the event that the genuine Fronczak child is still alive what’s more, what happened! I too need to find out who I am, what’s more, why I was surrendered at a Assortment store in Newark, NJ back in 1965.
These questions were getting the best of me so I sent our story in to a remarkable, grant winning writer here in Las Vegas; George Knapp (do a Google seek on him).  Mr. Knapp was fascinated by the story what’s more, needed to meet with me.  We met, what’s more, talked for awhile, what’s more, he said he would like to run a story on this national, unsolved case.  Mr. Knapp is not like the daily paper men you what’s more, father had to bargain with back in 1964; he is a professional, who has a claim to fame for investigative stories what’s more, reporting.
My objective for being a part of this story is based on two discrete conclusions; I need to find out in the event that the genuine Paul J Fronczak is alive what’s more, what happened to him; what’s more, second: to find out who I am, what’s more, what happened to me.  This is a national, unsolved case, what’s more, with today’s media what’s more, technology, we might just be capable to illuminate this.
Wouldn’t you what’s more, Father like to know what truly happened, what’s more, who I truly am?  Like I said, I cherish you both what’s more, you have been awesome parents.  I am not doing this to hurt you or, then again dishonor the spectacular work you both did in raising me… This is just about finding out the truth!
I trust you what’s more, father understand, what’s more, would like to offer assistance with this story.  I would truly adore for you what’s more, father to possibly indeed meet with, what’s more, talk with Mr. Knapp.
CBS news is going to run the story on April 25 here in Las Vegas.  I trust that the story will at that point go national; that would be the as it were way to potentially fathom this awful wrongdoing that took put nearly 50 a long time ago.
I trust you

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