The passenger on Hong Kong flight to the U.S. ‘who screamed that he had secrets from the CIA and NSA leaker Edward Snowden’ as video records his terrifying rants

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Updated: 20:45 BST, 17 June 2013
Caught: Johnny D. Guillen Pimentel, 40, was busted by Peruvian police at a mall
A Virginia man named ‘Corta Nalgas’ – ‘the butt slasher’ – argued blameworthy this morning to charges that he arbitrarily cut women’s backs with a box-cutter on different events in 2011.

In all, Johnny Guillen Pimentel argued blameworthy in Fairfax Province Circuit Court to two checks each of malignant injuring what’s more, unlawful injuring for the attacks, which happened over a few months in 2011.
He was suspected of slicing nine extraordinary ladies at different retail outlets, counting Tysons Corner Center. The Washington Post reports that under a supplication deal, five other checks were dropped.
Neither prosecutors nor Guillen Pimentel’s lawyer gave any sign of why he conveyed out the attacks.
Pimentel was captured at a shopping center in Lima, Peru, after escaping the U.S. at the point when specialists in Virginia started to suspect he was included in the attacks.
Police say Pimentel, 40, diverted his casualties at division stores, causing them to twist over, what’s more, at that point cut their rears with a razor or, on the other hand box cutter.
The assaults started in February 2011 what’s more, endured until police turned up the warm on the suspect in July 2011.
In December of 2011, Virginia experts were advised that their suspect was spotted in Peru.

Peruvian media taken after the Pimentel case, naming him ‘Corta Nalgas’ or, on the other hand ‘the butt slasher.’
Police say all of Pimentel’s assaults taken after a comparative script.

For instance, on July 25, 2011, a lady revealed the following assault at a Until the end of time 21 store:

‘The 18-year-old casualty was shopping at the point when she taken note garments that had fallen off of a rack behind her what’s more, saw a man bowing down to pick them up,’ agreeing to a police statement.
‘She unexpectedly felt a sharp torment what’s more, considered that one of the holders had struck her. A short time later, she found her denim shorts had been slashed; her rump had been cut what’s more, were bleeding.’
Suspect: Police had limited the suspects down to Pimentel at the point when he fled to Peru
On June 8, 2011, a comparative assault:

A 21-year-old lady said she felt a sharp torment in her posterior at a TJ Maxx store.

‘The casualty turned around, saw a man picking up pieces of garments what’s more, thought she may have been cut by one of the hangers,’ police said.

‘When the lady returned home, she found cuts in her clothing.’
Pimentel faces up to seven a long time in jail at the point when he’s condemned on September 6.

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