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Published: 22:31 BST, 19 July 2013 | Updated: 15:38 BST, 20 July 2013
Glam terrific slam: Leah Totton shows up to have given her past come corrective surgery
There’s no denying  the fabulous blonde Student champ Leah Totton is a incredible ad for the chain of Botox facilities she plans to set up.
Nicknamed Dr Totty, the 25-year-old specialist from Northern Ireland trusts her new business will take off her clients with smooth brows what’s more, her with fat profits.
Just days after being named as Master Sugar’s most recent Disciple on the BBC show, she is hard at work setting up a chain of Dr Leah restorative centers with the £250,000 she gotten from her impressive backer.
But as of now she has confronted a kickback from those who accept she needs the ability what’s more, encounter required to perform or, on the other hand manage the anti-ageing medications she plans to offer.
So, it must be intriguing for Leah’s depreciators to learn her nearby newspaper, the Londonderry Sentinel, distributed a story in February, some time recently The Disciple aired, that composed in gleaming terms of her skills.
The article revealed Miss Totton had set up a organization called LT Medical, a group of ‘leading skin restoration specialists’ who worked with customers to ‘achieve their stylish dreams’.
Apparently, her facilities had been so effective in Britain that she was arranging to grow into Northern Ireland.
LT Medical, perusers were informed, was ‘led by a group of devoted UK doctors’.
The organization advertised ‘a wide run of stylish treatments, counting anti- wrinkle injections, facial fillers, lip improvement what’s more, skin peels’.
How exceptional at that point that the Mail’s endeavors to find LT Medical, its premises, any one of those devoted UK doctors, a website or, then again indeed a telephone number were this week met with a blank.
There is no such organization enrolled with Organizations House what’s more, no posting for it at the Mind Quality Commission, the autonomous controller of wellbeing what’s more, social mind services.
Naturally, you anticipate a corrective surgery clinic to be discreet, yet unquestionably not invisible? In an endeavor to look for more data about LT Medical, I reached Forthcoming PR, which speaks to Miss Totton.
However, a representative would as it were say: ‘Previous to being on The Apprentice, Leah had set up a exchanging name in Belfast as she continuously had in mind what she is going to do presently with Ruler Sugar.
‘Now she’s won the show, this mark is not something she will be pursuing. Going forward, her center will be exclusively on creating the Dr Leah brand.’
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Face-off: Miss Totton beat Luisa Zissman to win The Disciple what’s more, Sir Alan Sugar’s £250,000 venture in her restorative surgery business
While the whereabouts of LT Medicinal remains a mystery, it turns out the newspaper’s data for the story, I am told, was provided to a correspondent by Miss Totton herself.
This brings us to the most recent company, Dr Leah. At the outset, Master Sugar appeared dubious about Miss Totton’s business proposition. He wasn’t all that inspired — who would be? — with her recommended name for the company: NIKS (skin spelt backwards). The name Dr Leah was his idea.
He was moreover stressed about the morals of restorative surgery. Yet in the end he was won round to the thought what’s more, picked Miss Totton over individual finalist Luisa Zissman, who prepared cupcakes.
One insider at the BBC says that Master Sugar was ‘rather taken’ with Miss Totton. ‘She’s extremely much a man’s woman. She’s extreme what’s more, ambitious, yet milder around men, what’s more, was all ladylike what’s more, engage around Lord Sugar.
‘He appeared to be very inspired with her appearance what’s more, would offer assistance her at the point when she made mistakes.’
And the source says Miss Totton enjoyed to look her best at all times. ‘During taping she was continuously looking in  the reflect what’s more, talking about camera angles.
‘She was suspicious for a few reason about going out in sunlight, as despite the fact that she was stressed she might soften or, on the other hand something.’
Is this an sign that Miss Totton has had ‘work’ done herself — research, you could say, for the work ahead?
Firm favourite: A BBC insider said Ruler Sugar was ‘rather taken’ with Dr Leah
She says not. ‘I can 100 per penny check I have not had any treatment done,’ she says.
‘I don’t have wrinkles. I’m as it were 25 what’s more, they’re not medications that are pointed at my age group.
‘They’re anti-ageing medications what’s more, at 25, positively no — I have not had any. What’s more, I’m not looking to have any in the close future.’
TV faultfinders have been underwhelmed by this arrangement of The Disciple what’s more, have depicted it as ‘a stack of old Botox’. One commentator said Master Sugar had got  it off-base by picking the ‘butcher’ (Dr Leah) over the ‘baker’ (cupcake ruler Luisa). At to start with glance, it may show up Sugar himself considers so, too.
As well as contributing £250,000 in the Dr  Leah chain, it had been accepted he would moreover move toward becoming a director, take shares in the organization — what’s more, a cut of the profits.
He is, for example, a chief of Aventom, the organization set up by a past Disciple winner, Thomas Pellereau, what’s more, possesses 100 of Aventom’s 200 shares.
But so far Miss Totton is the as it were executive of Dr Leah what’s more, possesses all the company’s 100 shares.
Surely Master Sugar is not being mindful in case the critics who can visualise pictures of ladies in the papers under the features ‘Dr Leah gave  me a trout pout’ are demonstrated right? 
Not at all, say Master Sugar’s PR. 
He demands the delay is essentially procedural what’s more, he will before long move toward becoming a executive what’s more, claim half of the company.
There is no denying Miss Totton’s knowledge what’s more, drive. Some time recently choosing she needed to go into the corrective surgery business, she prepared to move toward becoming a doctor, at  considerable cost to the open purse. Raised in Londonderry, one of three youngsters to her mother Lorraine what’s more, father, Trevor, who works for a interchanges company, Leah was, by all accounts, an phenomenally brilliant child.
She gone to Lisnagelvin essential school, what’s more, Foyle what’s more, Londonderry College, which she left  with straight As what’s more, an exhibit of prizes.
From there, Leah moved to Norwich to contemplate medicine. While at college she went out with footballer Fraser Forster, who was on advance at Norwich from Newcastle some time recently marking for Celtic.
The relationship is presently over. One relate says Miss Totton, who moved toward becoming known amid that time as a minor WAG, may have finished it since ‘he wasn’t celebrated enough as a footballer for her’.
But who knows, as Mr Forster did compliment her on winning The Apprentice, which recommends he holds no grudge.
Miss Totton graduated in 2011 with a Lone ranger of Medicine, Lone ranger of Surgery (MB BS).
After clearing out university, Leah says she did further preparing in tasteful medication in Harley Street. The subtle elements are vague; what course she did is not clear.
Careful image: Leah Totton’s organization LT Restorative was purportedly so fruitful in Britain she was extending to Northern Ireland – yet it shows up never to have existed
During the recording of The Apprentice, she worked in A&E at Newham General Clinic in East London.
She has tweeted a few times about having done the night move in between shooting — confirmation to her devotion to her profession.
However, building a beautifying agents domain what’s more, doing the night move at A&E are not perfect with each another. One work had to go — no prizes for speculating which one.
Acquaintances say Miss Totton points not just to move toward becoming a effective businesswoman, be that as it may rich what’s more, famous, as well — a ‘celebrity’.
‘She’s as of now talking about splitting America, which appears a bit premature,’ says one.
Miss Totton demands she needs to set up Dr Leah facilities since she is concerned about the need of direction in the restorative surgery industry what’s more, needs to ‘provide a safe condition for ladies to experience these treatments’.
‘I don’t see it as moving over to the dim side, I see it as medicalising the dull side what’s more, throwing light onto it,’ she says.
‘Young ladies of 25 don’t require Botox. What’s more, I am a extremely moral person, so I would have no faltering in saying that to a part of the open who came to me for non-surgical treatment.’
It’s not clear regardless of whether Miss Totton plans to convey out methods herself or, then again to take a simply administrative role. Plastic specialists have cautioned that she doesn’t have the aptitudes to convey out procedures.
‘She may have done a maybe a couple weeks’ preparing in tasteful medicine, yet that is essentially not enough,’ says specialist plastic specialist Nigel Mercer, a previous executive of the English Affiliation of Tasteful Plastic Surgeons.
‘It may not be very as risky as putting a beautician in charge of corrective surgery, be that as it may it is still putting patients at risk.’
But Miss Totton demands her centers are going  to be proficient what’s more, ethical, worked by prepared staff who won’t give customers a trout pout, solidified eyebrows or, then again a wonky smile.
She has a riches of encounter behind her, after all, with that puzzling beautifying agents domain of hers — LT Medical.

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