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By Nina Golgowski
Updated: 22:18 BST, 28 February 2012
Thirty-six vehicles had to be safeguarded from Lake Winnebago at the point when the ice they were stopped on split amid a mainstream angling tournament.

Organizers had issued security notices which the drivers of 50 autos showed up to ignore.
‘It was a amaze that that numerous individuals picked to stop there, yet wasn’t a amaze as to what happened,’ Fight on Bago competition co-organizer Craftsmanship Dumke toldn Fox9.

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Plunge: A add up to of 36 vehicles had to be safeguarded from a solidified Lake Winnebago Sunday at the point when the ice they were stopped on broke amid a mainstream ice angling tournament
Warned: A add up to of 50 autos had been stopped on the Wisconsin lake against caution from competition organizers
Submerged: No wounds were detailed in spite of the fact that 18 vehicles were submerged
The ice was solidified by about a foot in width what’s more, not being capable to withstand the additional weight, totally submerged 18 vehicles while four others were found mostly submerged what’s more, the remaining 14 of the 36 safeguarded were sunk up to their wheels.
‘All it takes is a little bit of a gap or, then again split what’s more, you see what happened,’ Wear Herman, proprietor of SUNK? Plunge what’s more, Ice Benefit told Fox9. 

Mr Herman, who was occupied at the scene pulling out vehicles what’s more, a few connected trailers, says he charges between $500 to $2,000 to recover them.
‘Everybody came out here what’s more, stopped right next to each other,’ he said with a slight laugh, ‘and there wasn’t enough ice.’
Weight: The ice was detailed as being solidified by as it were about a foot what’s more, therefore incapable to withstand all the stopped cars

Price: A towing organization was at the scene pulling out vehicles at a cost of $500 to $2,000
Must go on: The competition still proceeded in spite of the dive with at slightest 1,290 members weighing in angle gotten on the lake that was at last won by a little boy
With over $100,000 in money what’s more, prizes to angling competition winners, Fight on Bago is Wisconsin’s biggest ice angling competition what’s more, gathering pledges event, agreeing to their website.
Despite the vehicles’ dive which begun around 9am that morning what’s more, come about in no revealed real injuries, the competition still proceeded concurring to its website’s competition comes about with at slightest 1,290 participants.

In to begin with put was a ‘child’ named Joe who gotten a 6.5lb walleye.
Watch the video here:

36 Autos Through Ice at Wisconsin Angling Tournament: MyFoxTWINCITIES.com

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