Drug-fuelled thugs branded two men with hot knives while filming the attack on mobile phones

By Oliver Pickup
Updated: 11:52 BST, 16 Eminent 2011
This is the terminally sick father-of-one who claims he was gravely beaten up by a gathering of adolescents in a arbitrary assault as he strolled home – in spite of more than once telling them he was passing on of cancer.

Shaun Bowring, 42, had spent the evening playing pool in Bristol with his son, Dean, what’s more, was strolling to his house in Little Stir at the point when he was stood up to by the youthful thugs.
During the attack, which took put at about 11.30pm on Regal 5, right off the bat Senior member was hit punched in the ribs by one of three youngsters who were strolling in the other heading on a road.
Cancer-sufferer Shaun Bowring, a father-of-one, asserted he was beaten up by three youngsters while returning home with his 20-year-old son
When his father argued with the assailants for benevolence what’s more, told them he was terminally sick they disregarded his supplication what’s more, beat him to the ground what’s more, derided him.
Mr Bowring, who had a tumor evacuated from his gut last year be that as it may presently has stomach cancer, indeed appeared the gathering the trickle in his arm which he employments for chemotherapy.

One of the adolescents advertised his hand in a faked appear of sensitivity some time recently he punched the casualty in the confront what’s more, the hooligans at that point wrestled him to the ground some time recently more than once kicking him.

Mr Bowring endured a few broken ribs what’s more, has since demanded that he is presently as well apprehensive to go out on his own.

He said: ‘I told them I didn’t need any trouble. I felt like they were going to begin on me so I told them I just needed to go home. 

‘I told them I had disease what’s more, appeared them the PICC (peripherally embedded focal catheter) line in my arm which is utilized for my chemotherapy.

‘One of them said he knew what I was going through, since he had lost a connection to cancer. At that point he shook my hand.’

The youth told his companions to shake Mr Bowring’s hand as well be that as it may the youth who had assaulted Senior member at that point punched his vulnerable father in the face.

Stunned what’s more, scared, he at that point endeavored to guard himself by hitting the youngster with his pool cue, nonetheless that as it were exacerbated the situation.

The other two said his activities were ‘uncalled for’ what’s more, that the adolescent was going to battle him.

Meanwhile, Dignitary had overseen to get away what’s more, was calling the police while his father wrestled the hooligan as it were for his companions to bounce on the cancer-stricken man from behind what’s more, push him to the ground where they kicked him repeatedly.

Shaun yelled that his PICC line had come out what’s more, they ventured back, giving him a shot to break free what’s more, run away.

He talked to police afterward that night what’s more, was taken to Frenchay Healing center where specialists told him to keep utilizing the torment medicine he was on for his split what’s more, broken ribs.

Mr Bowring continued: ‘I couldn’t accept it – I can’t get it why somebody would do that.

‘It was such a awful episode what’s more, it has made me attentive of strolling past youths. These three just appeared to be looking for inconvenience that night.’
Police, who are engaging for witnesses to the assault, have captured two individuals in association with the assaults what’s more, discharged them on bail.

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