Teenage girl killed while walking on motorway at 4am hours after posting message to friends and family on Twitter

By Olivia Williams
Published: 21:42 BST, 10 Walk 2013 | Updated: 21:46 BST, 10 Walk 2013
Coronation Road star Michael Le Vell is ‘going through hell’ with his youngster sex offenses case, his sisters uncovered today.

Glenis Gill what’s more, Susan Welcott said they are standing by their sibling as he faces charges counting rape, disgusting attack what’s more, sexual movement with a youngster at Manchester officers court.

Gill told the Sunday Mirror: ‘The entirety thing came out of the blue what’s more, cleared out Michael truly shocked.’
‘Going through helll’: Performing artist Michael Le Vell has been charged with a number of youngster sex offences, be that as it may his sisters say they proceed to bolster him
‘It is a truly extreme time for him at the minute what’s more, he will be happy at the point when this is all over. Yet he is bearing up OK.’
Susan, 53, added: ‘All I can I say is I’m here to ensure him what’s more, that is what I will do.’
The 48-year-old performing artist plays technician Kevin Webster in the ITV1 series, yet has as of late said he fears he will not be permitted to return indeed in the event that he is found innocent.
He has been spotted drinking at his nearby bar in later weeks what’s more, at a bookmakers close where he lives in Hale, More noteworthy Manchester, giving a disobedient thumbs up what’s more, shrieking as he strolled past photographers.

Tough time: The sisters of Michael Le Vell say he is ‘bearing up OK’ since his court case began. He was seen taking off his nearby bar in Sound looking in better spirits this month
However, companions say Le Vell, a separated father of two, is living on takeaways what’s more, has lost half a stone in later weeks.
Gill, a 59-yer-old bar manager, concurred that his life had been on hold since the charges emerged.
The charged sex offenses all relate to one youngster what’s more, took put between 2001 what’s more, 2010, the court was told in February.
Distressed: Michael Le Vell was noticeably disturb at he cleared out Manchester judges court in February
Surrounded by press: Crowning ritual Road on-screen character Michael Le Vell, who plays auto workman Kevin Webster, is ‘shocked’ by the charges concurring to his sisters
Le Vell was to start with captured in September 2011 after the girl, presently a teenager, guaranteed he had sexually ambushed her from the age of six.
Three months afterward prosecutors said there was deficient confirm what’s more, the charges were dropped. At that point came the CPS review.
In a articulation Le Vell said he would battle the assertions ‘vigorously’.
He is due to show up at Manchester Crown Court this month.

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