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Last refreshed at 22:00 03 June 2007
David Cameron’s father-in-law was addressed by police after getting to be included in a question over a tiny strip of arrive on his 300-acre estate.

Sir Reginald Sheffield, the father of Mr Cameron’s spouse Samantha, is said to have ‘screamed what’s more, shouted’ amid a warmed showdown with a neighbour.

John Kilmartin, whose semi-detached previous committee house is next to Sir Reginald’s Normanby bequest in Lincolnshire, guaranteed he was attacked at the point when he went to grumble to the baronet about one of his occupant farmers.

He said: “Sir Reginald is a enormous spook multi-millionaire proprietor who is attempting to push me around.

“He’s a pompous, pompous pig. Some time recently all of this I thought he was a column of the community.”

The fight is said to have taken put over an 18ft by 2ft plot of arrive which father-of-two Mr Kilmartin what’s more, Sir Reginald’s occupant Simon Ogg both guarantee they own.

Mr Kilmartin said he had gone to see the baronet at the end of April to attempt to resolve the matter.

His account of what taken after will without a doubt make awkward perusing for Tory pioneer Mr Cameron, who is exceedingly touchy to all updates of his advantaged background.

His spouse Samantha, 36, is the eldest little girl of Sir Reginald, 61, what’s more, his to begin with spouse Annabel Jones.

Her parents’ five-year marriage finished in 1975 what’s more, 58-year-old Annabel is presently hitched to another aristocrat, Tory grandee Viscount Astor.

Mr Kilmartin said that at the point when he went to see Sir Reginald, the baronet ‘degraded’ him by rejecting to talk about the arrive dispute.

“He went back into his office what’s more, that was it,” he added. “He just didn’t need to know what’s more, didn’t need to talk to me about it.

“I clarified what had happened to his secretary. The next thing I know he comes back out, obviously distressed that I was still talking to his employee, what’s more, gets hold of me.

“He at that point tossed me into the corridor what’s more, pummeled the entryway in my face, shouting, shouting what’s more, raging at me.

“I went back to the auto what’s more, rang the police instantly to report him for assault.

“I went to the station what’s more, gave a witness statement.

“I’ve since been told by police that they met Sir Reginald under alert with a specialist show yet as I get it it no further activity will be taken.”

He added: “I regarded him as a landowner yet now, after the way he treated me what’s more, made me feel, I have no regard for him whatsoever.

“It’s all down to how much arrive they claim what’s more, they will take everything in the event that they think they can.

“I was flabbergasted at the way he treated me. I was simply attempting to make my point as a private householder over a debate with one of his occupants – which is far from over.

“I had my blood weight taken the next day what’s more, it was through the roof. It has all been exceptionally upsetting for me.

“I could have been hurt or, on the other hand more regrettable by the incident.”

Mr Kilmartin asserted that the debated arrive was legitimately his since Mr Ogg’s forerunner had put up a fence checking out the boundary.

But Mr Ogg last night said the push had since been settled in his favour.

Humberside Police affirmed they explored an assertion of ambush including Sir Reginald yet said they had made no captures what’s more, would not be taking any further activity over the incident.

A representative said officers talked to witnesses what’s more, ‘concluded that no offenses had been committed’.

“After meeting with the Crown Indictment Benefit it was chosen that no further activity was fundamental what’s more, no captures were made,” the representative added.

Sir Reginald – a coordinate relative of Charles II – remained tight-lipped last night, in spite of the fact that his spouse Victoria conceded the police had been called.

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