Man, 21, sentenced to DEATH for his role in torturing, shooting, dismembering and burning teenage boy lured to a house by his ex-girlfriend

By Paul Bentley for the Day by day Mail what’s more, Sara Smyth for the Day by day Mail
Published: 19:35 BST, 8 December 2013 | Updated: 07:56 BST, 9 December 2013
The researcher who spearheaded the cervical tumor antibody was found dead by her spouse at their £2million home after he cautioned she was ‘heading for a crisis’ by working as well hard.
Dr Anne Szarewski, 53, a college speaker whose revelation has spared thousands of lives, was asked to moderate down by her husband, who was getting to be progressively concerned about the weight she was putting on herself.
In Eminent he found her dead in their four-bedroom home in West Hampstead, north London, after he spent two hours penetrating through a entryway she had bolted from the inside.
Mystery: Specialists are still at a misfortune to clarify Dr Anne Szarewski’s demise in her Hampstead home in August

Doctors are still at a misfortune to clarify what precisely caused the researcher’s death.
She was found with high levels of an anti-malarial medicate in her bloodstream, be that as it may specialists said this was not thought to have caused her death.
Her spouse Lester Venter said that, some time recently her death, he what’s more, numerous of her companions had move toward becoming to a great degree stressed about her overwhelming workload.
Dr Szarewski, who utilized her lady name, was getting ready for five worldwide work trips what’s more, had been grumbling that she was encountering all-over body torments with ‘mounting intensity’.
University lecturer: Dr Anne Szarewski’s revelation has spared thousands of lives
Mr Venter, 63, told the investigation into her demise at St Pancras Coroner’s Court: ‘I was in the propensity of telling her that she was heading for a crisis. I just figured it out she couldn’t keep up the pace that she was setting for herself.’
Dr Szarewski is credited with finding the interface between the human papillomavirus what’s more, cervical cancer, driving to a antibody for HPV – the first-ever antibody against any shape of growth – which is presently routinely given to young ladies over the country.
Her spouse portrayed her work as ‘nothing short of historic’.
Born in London to Clean parents, she contemplated medication at Middlesex Healing center some time recently working at the Whittington Healing center in Highgate, North London.
Latterly she worked as a gynecologist at the Margaret Pike Focus in King’s Cross, was a clinical teacher at the Wolfson Institute, Ruler Mary, College of London, what’s more, too worked for Tumor Research.
Her spouse of ten years, a previous political writer from South Africa, told the court the couple rested in independent rooms since they delighted in their claim space.
Mr Venter said that he woke up on Regal 24 after a night at the theater what’s more, at the point when his spouse did not come down for breakfast he was at first satisfied that she was having a well-deserved lie-in.
When she still had not risen at 2pm, however, he progressed toward becoming concerned what’s more, found her room entryway was locked.
Employment: Conceived in London to Clean parents, she considered solution at Middlesex Healing facility some time recently working at the Whittington Clinic (pictured) in Highgate, North London
After two hours attempting to open it with an electric drill, he constrained his way inside. ‘As I entered the room I saw her on the bed what’s more, I figured it out straight away that she was dead,’ he said.
The couple’s home contained two-and-a-half cabinets of medication, a accumulation Mr Venter portrayed as one of his wife’s ‘charming eccentricities’.
A pathologist’s report read out to the investigation found the researcher passed on with a lethally excited pancreas.
‘She was unique. She was cheerful, savvy what’s more, very the finest individual it has been my benefit to know. On the logical level, her accomplishments have been nothing short of historic’
Lester Venter, husband

The anti-malaria medicate Chloroquine was found in her blood. It is known to be exceedingly dangerous in overdose quantities. A parcel was afterward found in the house yet this is not thought to have been the cause of passing what’s more, the coroner recorded a decision of demise by common causes.
Mr Venter said he had gotten messages ‘from all over the world’ in tribute to the ‘extraordinary woman’ he had married.
‘I required no reminding,’ he said. ‘She was unique. She was cheerful, intellectual what’s more, very the finest individual it has been my benefit to know.
‘On the logical level, her accomplishments have been nothing short of historic.
‘Her disclosure of the cause of cervical tumor driven to the first-ever antibody against any frame of cancer. Ladies all over the world are presently getting the antibody what’s more, thousands owe their lives to Anne’s work.
‘We had a superb life. I am grief stricken that it has been cut short.
‘But I will remain limitlessly glad of my spouse for as long as I will miss her, which is till the end of my days.’

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