Our generation game: Baby with four grandparents and all great grandparents!

By Paul Harris for the Every day Mail
Published: 23:20 BST, 23 July 2014 | Updated: 01:38 BST, 24 July 2014
Many youthful youngsters would feel fortunate to have a full set of grandparents to ruin them on uncommon occasions.
But eight-week-old Lyvia Blaylock is much more fortunate. Not as it were does she have all four grandparents – she has all eight incredible grandparents too.
The three eras above her have a consolidated age of more than 1,000.
The stunning life span is appeared by her maternal incredible grandfather, Gordon Lamprey, a previous Armed force sergeant who is said to still play a mean diversion of squash at 82.

Another incredible grandparent, June Bourton, has come to the age of 92.
‘I don’t know what their mystery is,’ said Lyvia’s 38-year-old father Lee.
‘If I did I would likely attempt to bottle it up what’s more, offer it. They’re amazing. They still drive what’s more, they’re all still active.’

The credit investigator from Swindon chosen to record his uncommon family tree in a photograph appearing the four eras in their redress positions.

‘It’s the as it were time they’ve all been together,’ he added. ‘It will absolutely be one for Lyvia to remember.’

The photograph might never have happened since he what’s more, accomplice Becky Bourton, 40, endured four fizzled IVF attempts.

One specialist indeed told the couple, who have been together since 1996, that they had more possibility of winning the lottery than having a child. However, after they had given up trust their good fortune changed.

‘Last September Becky wasn’t feeling as well well so she went to the specialist what’s more, came home in tears. She was pregnant.
It was a huge stun to both of us,’ said Mr Blaylock. Lyvia was conceived on May 25 weighing in at a 6lb 10oz.

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