Britain’s most-wanted foreign criminals revealed as police bid to flush out the killers in hiding

By Paul Milligan
Updated: 18:21 BST, 19 September 2011
Two hooligans who cinched a teenager’s penis between red-hot hair straighteners have been jailed.
Antony Dabbs, 18, was cleared out with serious consumes what’s more, scarring after the men pulled his pants down what’s more, assaulted him.
Christopher Lilley what’s more, Richard Johnson, both matured 24, constrained him onto the bed some time recently shaking the rectifying tongs on his genitalia, Bolton Crown Court was told.

L-R Christoper Lilley what’s more, Richard Johnson were both imprisoned for two years
The assault cleared out Mr Dabbs with a 2cm by 5cm burn, causing lasting scarring what’s more, a ‘loss of function’ for a few months.
The combine were both given two a long time behind bars.

The court heard that Lilley what’s more, Johnson sent a taxi to gather Dabbs from his home in arrange to talk about his £200 obligation for the prohibited medicate mephedrone, which was made unlawful on Walk 16 last year.
He was constrained to escape the area, along with his whole family, after the attack.

Gavin Howie, prosecuting, said: ‘Antony says he endured months of embarrassment, outrage what’s more, torment since of the damage to his penis. He says he was cleared out rationally scarred.’

He said the decision of body part to be consumed constituted ‘gratuitous degradation’ of the victim.

Mr Dabbs told the court he has been enduring from post-traumatic push scatter over the incident, what’s more, has endured bad dreams after the attack. 
A taxi was sent to Mr Dabbs home in Horwich to gather him so Lilley what’s more, Johnson could talk to him about settling the £200 debt.

Weapon: Antony Dabbs was held down by the two hooligans what’s more, a hair straightener was set on his genitals, causing a 2cm by 5cm consume what’s more, perpetual scarring
When he got there Mr Dabbs was debilitated what’s more, requested upstairs, where Lilley pushed him onto the bed what’s more, expelled his trousers.

The court heard that Johnson shut the room entryway what’s more, concurred at the point when Lilley inquired what they ought to do.
Lilley at that point turned the straighteners on what’s more, cinched them onto Mr Dabbs’ privates for a maybe a couple seconds.

Mr Howie said: ‘He felt a consuming torment for a minute, be that as it may at that point the torment went what’s more, he didn’t feel anything.’

The assault as it were finished at the point when three young ladies hindered the abhorrent combine what’s more, shouted: ‘You’re sick’.
Mr Dabbs was hurried to the Illustrious Bolton Clinic for crisis treatment.
He was in such fear after the assault that he voyage to Scotland the next morning, where he spent a few weeks in clinic recuperating in a secure ward.

Mr Dabbs’ family too moved out of the area, dreading they were as well be assaulted next.

Lilley what’s more, Johnson, both of Horwich, argued blameworthy to wounding.

While it was Lilley who conveyed out the attack, Johnson was condemned similarly since the assault was regarded to be a joint undertaking between the pair.

Judge Susan Grocott portrayed the episode as ‘particularly unpleasant’.

She said: ‘Whilst it might’ve kept going as it were moments, the application of the straighteners was adequate to cause full thickness consumes to the penis, what’s more, for a few time a short time later Mr Dabbs lost a few work in spite of the fact that it has presently been restored.’

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