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By Paul Thompson
Updated: 11:57 BST, 24 Walk 2011
A 16-year-old young lady is confronting up to a year in imprison after making a Facebook page annoying her colleague as ‘hoes’.
The adolescent ‘Mean Girl’ professedly posted nine photos of the young ladies from her school in Manassas, Virginia, what’s more, included lascivious remarks about them.
The Facebook page called ‘Stonewall Hoes’ has since been taken down by authorities.

Target: A understudy at Stonewall Jackson High School has been suspended for asserted cyber harassing of nine classmates
Social networking: The state of Virginia what’s more, schools have extreme approaches on cyber bullying
But the teen, who has not been named, has been charged with cyber harassing at Stonewall Jackson High.
Student: Monica Escobar is companions with one of the young ladies who were called ‘hoes’
Authorities said the remarks posted under the photographs driven to the charges of provocation by computer.The young lady has been suspended what’s more, presently faces expulsion.

Student Monica Escobar, a companion of one of those delineated on the website, said she didn’t think the page was fair.
She added: ‘I don’t think it’s right. I wouldn’t like that to happen to me or, then again anyone else. It harms your sentiments what’s more, gives you a awful reputation.’
Virginia has a few of the hardest laws with respect to PC badgering what’s more, school authorities are lively in splitting down on cyber bullying.
Doreen Dauer, the school’s chief for understudy help said : ‘They know it [cyber bullying] is against the code of conduct at the school. Understudies have a hand in composing that code.’

Ken Blackstone, Chief of Interchanges Administrations for Ruler William Province Open Schools said authorities did not remark on disciplinary activities taken against students.
But he said the school framework takes harassing of any kind exceptionally seriously.
‘Blackstone added: ‘In general, restorative activity may extend from an advice to suspension or, then again expulsion. All understudy teach episodes are dealt with case by case.’
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