‘Your mom would be so disappointed!’ Six-year-old girl shames thieves with yard sign and recovers her dad’s stolen custom bicycle

By Pedro Oliveira Jr.
Published: 21:07 BST, 8 Regal 2014 | Updated: 23:17 BST, 8 Eminent 2014
A hard-charging 6-year-old young lady in Portland has made a difference police recuperate one of her dad’s stolen bikes — all by disgracing the criminals with a stern sign.

Roxy Thompson, 6, sprung into activity a maybe a couple weeks back at the point when criminals stole thousands of dollars in custom street bicycles from the carport of her home.

She composed the plunderers a extensive sign what’s more, shown it in the center of the front yard:
‘Shame on you bicycle thieves!!!’ composed Roxy, concurring to KATU. ‘Your mother would be so disappointed! Indeed in the event that she was a villain, she still wouldn’t need you to be a scoundrel too!
‘Sincerely, your inhabitant 6-year-old.’
‘It hurt my emotions that my father was so irate what’s more, sad,’ Roxy told the station.

Roxy’s sign brought in a modest bunch of tips, counting a picture of a bicycle comparative to the ones stolen from the girl’s house.

Portland cops followed down the individuals in the photograph what’s more, found they had purchased the street bicycle off the road for $50.

One of the department’s detectives, Travis Field, hand-delivered the bicycle to Roxy.
‘Six-year-olds can do astounding things,’ Sergeant Pete Simpson, of the Portland PD, told KATU.
‘I talked to the detective, he said she was thrilled,’ he added. ‘It’s enabling for her what’s more, she knows individuals do mind what’s more, police were working hard to help.’
Roxy’s dad, Victimize Thompson, couldn’t be prouder.
‘At first, she advertised to give me her life savings,’ Thompson, who is however to recuperate a maybe a couple of his other bikes, told KATU. ‘That was a heart melter.’

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